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Powerline Blog
Power Line
30 Sep 2023
Steven Hayward

NextImg:Podcast: The 3WHH, Phila-Pest Edition

Settle in with your best chilled Hungarian dessert wine and Philly cheese steak for this cosmopolitan issue, which finds John Yoo—host for this week’s episode—tired out from looting in his home town of Philadelphia, while Lucretia and Steve are together in Budapest carrying on with more conspiracies against the international rules-based order.

John gives us on-scene reports from ground-zero of the “recreational shopping” going on in Philadelphia, plus an update on his three days of testimony in the incredible John Eastman disbarrment trial going on in California. We also cover the aftermath of our event with Heather Mac Donald at Berkeley Law, which made it all the way to Jesse Watter’s show on Fox News, and has gained something like 3 million views online.

But that’s nothing compared to our beat down on the implosion of Ibram X. Kendi (Sen. John Kennedy’s favorite “butthole professor”), which was not only predictable, but was predicted! By Glenn Loury, among others, whose profanity-laced rant about Kendi to John McWhorter we excerpt here for its news value, but also underscore the main point that the academic exaltation of an intellectual fraud like Kendi is another indication of the corruption and deep politicization of our universities today.

Government shutdown? GOP debate? The rest of the Supreme Court docket for the new term beginning Monday. Yes—we cover all that too, or an extra cheesy-goulash-filled episode. Better get a second bottle of Hungarian wine.

You know what to do now—after you open up your wines and let them breath, listen here, or from our hosts at Ricochet when it goes live there.