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Power Line
2 Sep 2023
Steven Hayward

NextImg:Podcast: The 3WHH on Saving Our Gerontocracy!

Never mind saving “our democracy”—who’s going to save our gerontocracy! With Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden in a contest for Greatest Brain Freeze Moment, while Dianne Feinstein and John Fetterman look on with envy, we are starting to long for the good old days of the youthful vigor of the Soviet Politburo. Is it time for age limits for high federal office (though Sen. Chuck Grassley, still firing on all cylinders two weeks before his 90th birthday, might want a word with us), or do we just need cognitive tests for office?

Equally alarming is how the Baude-Paulsen argument for disqualiftying Trump for the presidency under the 14th Amendment is gaining traction. Could a county registrar of voters in some deep blue percinct throw the 2024 election into complete chaos? John has a good article on this scene suggesting the answer is a hard No, which we review.

Meanwhile, the whole Georgia case gets curiouser and curiouser, as you’d expect in our current Alice in Wonderland world of “verdict first, trial later” phase of Trump-specific law enforcement. But also some good news: the forces of decency are fighting back against the left’s demagogic attack on Clarence Thomas.

And speaking of gerontocracy, Lucretia didn’t think much of my novelty whisky selection for the week: Fireball cinnamon whisky. Like Wagner’s music, it’s better than it sounds!

As usual, listen here, or from our host at Ricochet when the link goes live there.