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Power Line
1 Apr 2023
Steven Hayward

NextImg:Podcast: the 3WHH, on Israel's Judicial Coup

Lot going on this week, including my successfully completing my mandatory online “Abusive Conduct Training,” otherwise known as Lucretia’s How-To Guide to Blunt Speaking. Did you know abusive conduct is bad? How would we have known without an online training module?

The good news for Lucretia is that “making unpopular statements about controversial issues” is not considered abusive. The bad news is that “making egregious statements about a person’s lifestyle” is considered abusive, so we have to stop ragging on John for his McRibb fixation.

The main subject this week is the turmoil in Israel about proposed reforms to its judiciary. Somehow this is an international story, as it involves possible interference from the United States, and with might be called the Internationale of the Administrative State. Did you know Israel doesn’t have a written constitution? This is a large part of the problem. While the judicial reform package Netanyahu’s government put forward may have some defects, its defeat—and defeat is what has occurred, make no mistake—is a loss for the cause of constitutional government everywhere.

We also get in some observations about the Trump Indictment, the Nashville shooting, the proposed Census question about whether someone is a descendant of slaves, and a new feature: Lucretia’s Stupid Person of the Week.

So as usual, listen here, or file an injunction to take it from our hosts at Ricochet, or at your favorite podcast site anywhere else (including, starting this week, on iHeart Radio).