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Power Line
21 Oct 2023
Steven Hayward

NextImg:Podcast: The 3WHH on Campus Conundrums Over Hamas, and the Return of Frankie Five-Angels?

The only thing more predictable than a sunrise in the east is a Hamas claim that Israel bombed a Gaza hospital and that the Western media would report it as dictated because the story was just too good to check, though we always thought the mainstream media employed—or so they told us in 2004—”layer and layers of fact-checkers.” Once again, we see whose side our media is on. And it’s not ours—or Israel’s.

Topic 2: Time to “decolonize” all the academic departments that won’t shut up about “colonialism.” Full stop.

And has anyone in DC figured out yet that the move by renegade Republicans to oust Speaker McCarthy and leave the Speaker’s chair empty was a clever plot to get Democrats to vote for a de facto government shutdown, and stymie aid to Ukraine? Who are the dumb guys now?

And what to make of the plea deals of Sydney Powell and Kenneth Cheesebro in the Georgia prosecutions of the supposed Trump RICO conspiracy? We speculate that both Powell and Cheesebro might reprise the great star turn of Frankie Pentangelo in Godfather II.

As usual, listen here, or at our hosts at Ricochet when the episode goes live there.

P.S. I subbed for Rob Long on the flagship Ricochet podcast Friday, and it is well worth taking in if it isn’t in your regular podcast rotation. Believe me—this was an extra special episode.