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Powerline Blog
Power Line
6 Jan 2024
Steven Hayward

NextImg:Podcast: The 3WHH, Happy Insurrection Day!

This is what a real insurrection would look like.

Ronald Reagan used to joke that for Republicans, every day is the 4th of July, while for Democrats every day is April 15. Today we need to update that contrast by noting that the favorite new holiday for Democrats is January 6—”Insurrection Day.”

We’ll get to Joe Biden in due course, but the real insurrection this week took place at Harvard, where, as John Yoo predicted last week (we have receipts!) Claudine Gay was ousted in a right-wing putsch, a vertiable academic insurrection against all that is true and good (if you believe the left and Gay’s causal explanation). A harbinger of things to come? Our panel weighs the chances, but the key clue to real change will be whether Harvard starts by reforming its governing board, currently dominated by political hacks. And who will be the next president of Harvard? We offer some guesses. . .

Then we turn to Biden’s demagogic campaign speech warning about the “end of democracy,” and are undecided whether it deserves a sneer or a snort, but above all wondering if will backfire on Biden. Clearly Democrats hope to bait Trump into making crazy statements, but Trump’s routine way-outside-the-box comments are fairly well discounted by now. Is this the best they’ve got? Well, at least they are securing their base of NPR listeners.

We also take up the late-breaking news that the Supreme Court will take up on an expedited schedule the Colorado ruling throwing Trump off the ballot, with a few early thoughts, though we’ll be all over this story in depth right after the oral argument next month.

And finally, a few quick closing thoughts on the latest Jeffrey Epstein non-revelations.

As usual, listen here, over with our hosts at Ricochet, or wherever you source your favorite podcasts.