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Power Line
1 Apr 2023
John Hinderaker

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We got close to a foot of snow last night. This is on top of a lot of snow that had not yet melted. I got up this morning and undertook to drive to the gym. This is what my street looked like as I started off:

Beautiful, right? Problem is that right around that curve, before you get to any cross street, a tree had collapsed from the weight of the snow and is blocking the street. No exit. So I backed up all the way to my house at the end of the street. A second tree had fallen part-way down after I passed it, so I ran into those branches but was able to get by.

Now I had to get back into my garage, which is uphill. It wouldn’t be a problem if I could get a running start, but that was impossible because if I backed up more than a few feet, I would run into the 12-foot-high snow pile in the middle of our cul-de-sac. So I hit the gas, made it up the driveway, and maneuvered successfully into my garage without hitting anything.

That whole sequence would have been impossible, by the way, in any of the electric vehicles that our government is now trying to make us drive.

So we are stuck in our house until the city comes around and clears our street. Given that it is now April, it seems a little late in the year to be snowbound.

But, looking on the bright side, we pay some of the highest taxes in the country. And our state is now a “refuge” for children who want to come here to have their genitals removed in violation of the laws where they live. Eat your hearts out, Floridians!

STEVE adds: Well, out here in Lotus Land I’m trying to decide between going to the beach to shoot some drone video of surfers, or heading inland to the Carizzo Plain to take in some epic spring wildflowers, which are blooming bigger than ever after this winter’s monsoons. And this is no April Fool’s joke! Stay tuned: I may post pics.