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Power Line
25 Mar 2023
John Hinderaker

NextImg:Donald Trump, RIP

I look forward–eagerly–to the day when I will no longer be obliged to mention Donald Trump. At a time when the last thing we need is another Trump distraction, he has collaborated with corrupt prosecutor Alvin Bragg in an absurd drama. Will Bragg bring pitifully weak charges against Trump, or won’t he? The source for the belief that Trump was to be arrested last Tuesday was, it turns out…Trump.

Now Trump is keeping the pot boiling with rants on Truth Social that are offensive at best, and, according to liberals, criminal. Trump reportedly posted this image on Truth, although it now seems to be deleted. Fortunately.

Naturally, every liberal in sight went ballistic, this time–for once–not without justification.

Then there were the low-class rants:

Of course liberals went crazy over Trump’s reference to “potential death & destruction” should he be indicted. Why shouldn’t they? The best time to pile on is when your opponent is self-destructing.

Democrats naturally want to keep Trump front and center as the face of the Republican Party. He is a welcome distraction from the failures of the Biden administration and the unpopularity of the far Left’s agenda. But we Republicans should put Trump in the rear view mirror and move on to our party’s serious candidates, of whom we have an abundance.