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Power Line
11 Mar 2023
Scott Johnson

NextImg:Another take on Tucker

I wrote two posts on Tucker Carlson’s four January 6 segments featuring suppressed video of the Capitol and focused on the case of Jacob Chamsley. I found Tucker’s presentation of the case deficient and misleading. I sought to provide relevant facts that might inform the views of readers who might otherwise take Tucker at face value. I thought that would be a mistake. All in all, however, I thought that Tucker’s four segments were a dud.

That is one view I share in common with John Dale Dunn. I have no taste for masochism and haven’t caught up with the 1,600 comments on my two posts. I have a few other things to do. However, I have a sense that John Dale Dunn’s negative assessment of Tucker’s four segments will be more to the liking of Power Line commenters: “What was so hard about demonstrating to the public that the J6 was a Reichstag Fire scam?”

Let us not leave that rhetorical question hanging: “Tucker has had 4 nights to put this stuff up and he pussyfoots around the video trove like he doesn’t want to offend the Democrats or the FBI/DOJ/Capitol Police by showing the Reichstag Fire scenario that was created. He is on a short Murdoch leash.” Frankly, I don’t think so, but if that kind of thing rings your chimes, you won’t want to miss Dunn’s American Thinker post “Tucker pulled his punches.”

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