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Power Line
6 Jan 2024
Scott Johnson

NextImg:Alejandro Mayorkas: It ain’t me, babe

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared for an interview on FOX News Special Report with Bret Baier this past Thursday. FOX News has posted video of the whole thing here. At the Fox News site Charles Creitz reported on the interview here.

Running for office President Biden invited illegal aliens of the world to come on in under his prospective presidency. On his first day in office he made good on his invitation, undoing every element of the restrictive regime that President Trump had implemented to stem the tide. Biden promulgated the relevant executive order on January 20,2021

Under his presidency, the federal government is aiding and abetting illegal immigration. Somewhat more quickly than night follows day Biden’s policies have produced the desired consequences. Month after month since January 2021, the tide has flowed. There has been no ebb.

Mayorkas has been derelict in his duties and faces possible impeachment by the House, but he is clearly implementing the desired policies of his boss. Biden is the source and origin of the policies. Why pick on the pitiful Mayorkas?

Mayorkas had a theme song to respond to the facts he acknowledged or dodged in his interview with Bret Baier. His theme song is “It Ain’t Me, Babe.”

It’s congressional inaction. It’s bad governments south of the border. It’s poverty. It’s global warming. And these developments all coincide with the accession of the Biden administration to power and the promulgation of Biden’s January 2021 executive order. Whatever it is, it’s beyond his control.

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