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PJ Media
PJ Media
1 Apr 2023
Ben Bartee

NextImg:WATCH: The Young Turks Encouraged Transgenders to Arm Themselves Days Before Nashville School Massacre

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, MSNBC of the Internet, encouraged trans people to arm themselves mere days before a “trans” woman shot up a Christian school in Nashville, killing several children.

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I don’t like guns. I would ban assault weapons in a second. We can go on and on about the gun control we need in this country. And I always tell people, “Don’t get guns, it’ll make you less safe.” I’m gonna make you an exception here — for trans people.

They are actually in danger. They have had hundreds of laws passed against them. They have right-wing media ginning up fear against them 24/7. They’re targeted more than any other group in America. And if anyone should get guns it should be trans Americans.

—Cenk Uygur, March 25, 2023

Unhinged tirades like this are standard fare at The Young Turks.

As he often does, Uygur relies heavily on hyperbole in his rhetoric. No trans person has been “targeted” in America from a legal perspective. What has happened is that several states have passed laws preventing LGBTQ+++™ groomers from grooming children. This is not an “attack on trans people” but commonsense laws intended to protect children from ideological indoctrination by the mentally ill. If the state has any legitimate function, that is it.

If anything qualifies as incitement to violence, is this not it?

By stoking irrational fear in the “trans community” (it’s not actually a community) and then encouraging its members to arm themselves to fight phantom threats, Cenk Uygur is arguably engaged in stochastic terrorism himself — a smear he has often used against, ironically and hypocritically, his political opponents.

I previously speculated at PJ Media, as other writers here have, about the rise of “trans” terrorism. As an addendum, one of the examples of latent trans terrorists I cited, who produced a cringe TikTok video in which he menacingly clears the chamber of his rifle in silence, has reportedly been identified as a former member of the U.S. military.

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Via Daily Mail:

A militant transgender activist who has quickly become one of the most high-profile ‘faces’ of the radical movement is a former soldier, it has been claimed.

Kayla Denker, who runs a YouTube site with videos dedicated to explaining Marxism and guns, posted a video of herself with an assault rifle after the Nashville school shooting.

What else could be expected besides death and destruction at the intersection of mind-altering synthetic hormones, grievance politics, and military training?