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PJ Media
PJ Media
6 Jan 2024
Ben Bartee

NextImg:WATCH: MSNBC News Actor Literally Cries About Jan 6

There are two classes of people obsessed with Jan 6, three years later: Democrat/Deep State political operatives with nothing left to sell the American public except Democracy™, and the truly psychotic cult people.

That’s not to say there isn’t some overlap. Psychosis and Democrat hackery are by no means mutually exclusive.

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Self-delusion is a hell of a drug. If you’re not careful, you’re liable to get “high on your own supply,” as they say.

So, there’s a D.C. cop named Michael Fanone who has engineered a new career for himself as a Deep State propagandist following Jan. 6 and who has a new book to sell that he almost surely had written for him by some Beltway hack titled “Hold the Line: The Insurrection and One Cop's Battle for America's Soul,” described thusly:

When Michael Fanone self-deployed to the Capitol on January 6, 2021, he had no idea his life was about to change…
 Now, Fanone is ready to tell the full story of that infamous day, along with exploring our country’s most critical issues as someone who has had firsthand experience with many of them. A self-described redneck who voted for Trump in 2016, Fanone’s closest friend was an informant—a Black, transgender, HIV-positive woman who has helped him mature and rethink his methods as a police officer. With his unique insight as an undercover detective and intense desire to do the right thing no matter the cost, Fanone provides a nuanced look into everything from policing to race to politics in a way that is accessible across all party lines.

Really harrowing stuff. Profiles in courage. And I’m sure it’s totally nuanced take on the events of that day, as advertised. If it were biased in any way, obviously the fair and balanced MSNBC people wouldn’t have him on. Right?

So he was invited onto the network with one of its foremost weekend news actors, fresh off of a Black Santa propaganda binge which I covered previously for PJ Media, for its Jan. 6 blitzkrieg to sell his wares.

To save you the pain of watching the standard jibber-jabber leading up to the emotional meltdown, the waterworks, complete with a prop hanky to wipe the tears, begin around 4:30.

You might note that the tears begin flowing conveniently, as if on cue, right when the introduction starts, and then magically subside in literally about five seconds.