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PJ Media
PJ Media
29 Apr 2023
Ben Bartee

NextImg:WATCH: Montana Transgender Cowboy Does the Corporate Media Circuit

The corporate media can’t get enough of Zooey Zephyr. This guy is like the Johnny Appleseed of insurrectionist transgenderism.

Is there anything grosser than Zephyr claiming he’s been “silenced” when he’s literally featured as a hero on every major news station imaginable?

Zephyr was catapulted into Social Justice™ martyrdom when Montana House Republicans censured him for hyperbolic claims that they had “blood on their hands” for supporting a basic, commonsense ban on the medical castration of children in the name of transgenderism

Via CBS News:

The Republican-controlled Montana House voted Wednesday to discipline Democratic state Rep. Zooey Zephyr, the state’s first transgender lawmaker. Zephyr is barred from participating on the House floor for the remainder of the 2023 session, but will be allowed to vote remotely.

Zephyr had been prevented by Republicans from debating a bill that would ban gender-affirming care for minors after telling her colleagues that they would have blood on their hands if it passed. Her silencing led to protests from her constituents, seven of whom were arrested Monday while protesting in the House chamber.

He recently appeared with slay queen Jen Psaki on her new MSNBC state media show, transitioning seamlessly from her role as government propagandist to corporate media propagandist.

(It’s the same job, really. Psaki’s rhetoric in an MSNBC studio is indistinguishable from her rhetoric at the White House briefing podium. Isn’t it weird that those two roles are now essentially interchangeable?)

The Montana transgender cowboy has really got the whole Social Justice™ breathless whisper vocal aesthetic in the vein of Justin Trudeau down pat. This is deep method acting with the near-hyperventilation-riddled anxiety attack induced by the rampant genocidal transphobia from ultra-MAGA domestic terrorists or whatever.

“Though the Republican supermajority has voted to strip me of my ability to partake in debate, I remain steadfast in my commitment to my community,” Zephyr claimed after he was censured.

I’ll call it now: this dude is being groomed to become the Dylan Mulvaney of politics. He has a dramatic rhetorical flair. He has delusions of grandeur as a Winston Churchill-esque figure fighting on land and on the beaches and wherever for his right to chemically castrate whatever kids he damn well pleases. He has the requisite unchecked narcissism to babble about himself and his gender identity obsession at length with no sense of shame.

He’s going to be a star.

If he fails in his quest, it won’t be for lack of trying on MSNBC’s part to launch him into superstardom.