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PJ Media
15 Apr 2023
Ben Bartee

NextImg:WATCH: Deep State Puppet Jen Psaki Explains Self-Identity as 'Journalist'

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently moved on to greener pastures at MSNBC after landing a multi-million-dollar contract.

In doing so, she now apparently fancies herself a “journalist.” She explains her mid-career transition from government propagandist to an intrepid, truth-telling journalist in the clip below.

To be fair, words don’t actually have any objective meaning to these people in the liberal and loving LGBTQ+++™ world of self-identity. They are all hardened post-modernists.

If an individual is allowed to self-identify as the other biological sex and everyone is forced through social norms to play along with their self-delusion, no matter how palpably absurd, why should the privileged members of the liberal class not rightfully be free to determine other aspects of their identity and force everyone else to accommodate them?

“Do you define yourself as a journalist?” the reporter asks Psaki.

“I do, because how do you define a journalist?… Journalism has changed dramatically… Even when I was at the White House working in government, it really was all on a spectrum,” Psaki explains. “It’s all a big, broad scope of things.”

(Everything is on a spectrum now with these people because declaring something “on a spectrum” cloaks nonsensical gibberish in the façade of nuanced, enlightened sciencism.)

Psaki’s pronouncement of herself as a “journalist” comes on the heels of her government spokesperson successor, Karine Jean-Pierre, declaring state-funded NPR “independent” from her perch as White House Press Secretary — apparently blissfully unaware, apparently, of the vicious irony.

And, further in Psaki’s defense, the corporate state has largely succeeded in the past fifty years or so in blurring the line between the government and the media that ostensibly is meant to oppose the government and expose its lies and abuses in the public interest.

Lifetime intelligence spooks and Pentagon insiders now regularly grace all of the corporate news outlets with their bestowed wisdom accumulated from decades inside the bureaucratic labyrinth as “analysts” or “contributors” or other such euphemisms.

Running information warfare campaigns through the corporate media is one of the many ways, as Chuck Schumer threatened then-President Trump on national television, that the Deep State has to strike back at its opponents.

This is an incredible betrayal of public trust. Indeed, serving as a non-governmental check on state power is the entire justification for maintaining a strong, actually independent media.

There’s not a single journalist still allowed in the White House briefing room, save for a single brave African reporter for the moment, who asks unauthorized questions outside of the narrow spectrum of acceptable inquiries enforced under the auspices of “decorum.”