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PJ Media
PJ Media
18 Mar 2023
Ben Bartee

NextImg:The Feminist Hallucination

While researching the current state of feminism — which entails watching damaged adult children at rallies against the Patriarchy™ whose pseudo-religious beliefs regarding sexual politics have never been challenged try to work through actual questions — I stumbled upon a new hallucination — at least new to me.

It’s called the “vagina tax.” As one young lady explains in the video below at the 1:00 mark, that’s the money women have to spend on tampons and other feminine hygiene products.

She doesn’t mention whether the fees for treating testicular cancer are a “testicle tax.”

I did some more digging on this tax, which I had no idea existed.

Sarah Silverman, the noted feminist, has a slightly different take the what the “vagina tax” is all about, taking it to refer to the non-existent but much-reported “gender pay gap.” She demands a government subsidy to make up for this historic wrong by mailing every woman in America a $500,000 check.

Via Grazia Daily:

Writer, comedian and vagina-owner Sarah Silverman has made an awesomely funny/serious video about the gender pay gap, highlighting the fact that every woman in the US is being taxed half a million dollars in ‘vagina tax’ over the course of her lifetime.

The gender pay gap in the UK currently stands at just under 20%, and in the US women actually make 22% less than their male counterparts in basically every profession. The video, created by the Equal Payback Project, is doubling as a ‘crowdfunder’ to give women back all the money they’re owed, amounting to over 29 trillion dollars.

If the goal is met, every woman will get a check for $500,000. If it isn’t (er, it won’t be), the funds will be donated to National Women’s Law Center, an organisation that campaigns to close the gender pay gap.

Because the “gender pay gap” doesn’t factor in relevant information to the analysis and control for them, the gender pay gap doesn’t exist. There is no weight added to the level of education, years of experience, hours worked per week, etc.

Forbes, of all places, usually a dumpster fire, surprisingly ran an article debunking the theory:

After all, it would make sense to include those components because all of those elements (and more) contribute to the salary that someone can command. However, the gender pay gap doesn’t include any of those elements. There’s no complexity or nuance to it. Instead, it’s calculated by looking at the difference between the average earnings of all men and comparing them with the average earnings of all women. That’s it.

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