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PJ Media
PJ Media
27 May 2023
Ben Bartee

NextImg:Survey: Nearly Half of American Men Suicidal, Two-Thirds Have No Meaningful Relationships

According to a poll from Equimundo (which should be taken with a grain of salt given the Social Justice™ ideology of the organization), 44% of men are suicidal and 65% of Gen Z men say “no one really knows me well.”

(Even if the numbers are inflated for narrative purposes, they do reflect a broader trend of isolation, dejection, and suicidality among young men consistently seen in polling.)

Via Equimundo:

Men in the U.S. are in trouble. Many feel that their futures are uncertain and their identities are threatened. This situation is especially acute now, but this anxiety has always been built into boyhood and manhood. Told to “man up” or “be a real man,” boys and men who inevitably cannot meet the impossible overlapping standards of toughness, self-sufficiency, dominance, or stoicism have their very identity withheld from them.

But stoicism is exactly what boys and men need more than ever. Stoicism teaches how to face adversity without crumbling into dust, manage expectations, focus on what is within a man’s sphere of influence to change, take action on that front, and toss aside the neuroticism-inducing anxiety about forces outside of his control. It’s a recipe for the mental fortitude that is obviously so lacking in boys and men today.

Men can’t find mates for a lot of reasons (the driver behind “incel” culture), but perhaps chief among them is that women are biologically wired to be attracted to strength in all of its forms and repulsed by weakness. This is a biological imperative that cannot be circumvented by any amount of social engineering.

But instead of addressing any of this, Rising went with a segment hosted by two women who definitionally don’t innately understand masculine psychology interviewing the embodiment of a beta male talking about what society needs is weaker, more dependent, more helpless men devoid of “toxic masculinity,” when the solution is exactly the opposite.

This is the thing: Millennials and especially Zoomers catch a lot of flak from older generations for being feckless basketcases. But they are purely products of the dysfunctional sociocultural environment they were raised in, in which everybody got a trophy, nobody learned how to overcome adversity, and they were never left on their own without adult supervision to figure things out for themselves. Postmodern pop culture taught them that nothing matters and that caring about anything is for unsavvy chumps and religious fools. They were raised by single mothers at rates previously unfathomable. All of their natural interests were branded “toxic.”

This is the font from which their nihilistic learned helplessness emerges. The proper question isn’t, “why are so many young people messed up?” It’s, “how are any of them functional at all?”