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PJ Media
PJ Media
6 Jan 2024
Catherine Salgado

NextImg:Over 20 State AGs Urged SCOTUS to Back Gov’t Censorship

A group of state attorneys general recently filed an amicus brief to beg the Supreme Court to endorse federal government anti-free speech efforts, despite the latter’s blatant and dangerous violation of the First Amendment.

The Missouri v. Biden case that exposed the federal censorship industrial complex (which has grown ever worse under Joe Biden) is going to the Supreme Court, and 23 state attorneys general pleaded with the Court to side with the federal government — and against Americans. Urging a reversal of a circuit court injunction attempting to halt federal censorship efforts, the brief denied that the federal effort to crush speech is unconstitutional. Indeed, the AGs openly admitted to collaborating with Big Tech companies to flag online speech for censorship!

It is incredibly disturbing that almost half of America’s state attorneys general should be actively working to violate a sacred constitutional right, but it is also a sign of how desperate leftists are to control the narrative online going into the 2024 election.

The states not only work with Big Tech to “protect minors,” the brief explained, but “Amici States also routinely work with social-media companies to help identify harmful content that violates the platforms’ own policies.” In light of this tech-government collusion, the attorneys general claim there are “potential harms” from the Fifth Circuit injunction attempting to protect free speech.

The attorneys general brazenly claimed that the tech-government collusion “comports with the First Amendment,” and touted alleged “mutually beneficial communications between social-media companies and federal government officials.” The brief specifically defended reported coordination between federal officials and tech companies to crush COVID-19 information online. The state AGs asserted a lack of government coercion to follow the government recommendations for content moderation, in direct contradiction to evidence from tech employees who claimed to have experienced government pressure to censor. Yet the attorneys general actually claimed that “open discourse” would “benefit” from government efforts to control online speech!

In conclusion, the AGs urged the Supreme Court to reverse the Fifth Circuit decision and vacate the preliminary injunction trying to halt the Biden administration’s anti-free speech efforts.

The AGs who signed the amicus brief included those from Arizona, California, Illinois, New York, Maine, Colorado, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, Minnesota, Hawaii, Nevada, and Rhode Island. Also signed onto the brief are the AGs of New Jersey, Michigan, Vermont, New Mexico, Washington, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Oregon, and the District of Columbia. All around the country, would-be tyrants are trying to help the federal government attack free speech, a right without which, as Founder George Washington warned, “dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”