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1 Apr 2023
Robert Spencer

NextImg:Like A Dementia Fog: Biden Calls Tornado-Ravaged Rolling Fork 'Rolling Stone'

Old Joe Biden went down to Mississippi last Friday, but oddly enough, he didn’t stop by the crossroads of Highways 49 and 61 in Clarksdale, where the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson is said to have sold his soul to the devil; in Joe’s case, that transaction was completed a long, long time ago. Instead, Old Joe rambled on over to the town of Rolling Fork, which had been devastated by a tornado the previous Saturday. In the course of his gung-ho teleprompter mumblings about how socialism and statism would bring Rolling Fork roaring back, Biden not once, but twice referred to the beleaguered town as “Rolling Stone.” Yeah, just as Old Joe witnessed the indictment of his principal opponent and became Supreme Leader of our fresh-from-Chiquita banana republic, he reminded us that nobody is home.

Well, as those other Rolling Stones might have said, you can’t always say what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might say what you need. Not Old Joe, however. He began his speech, before he forgot the name of the place where he was, by saying: “When I heard about the devastation here in Rolling Fork, the first thing that came to mind was, ‘I got to get a hold of Bennie Thompson.’ It’s his district, and he treats it like his home.” Among Biden gaffes, this one was decidedly low-grade, but still, it was striking to hear Dementia Joe marvel at the prospect of a congressman treating his home district as if it were actually his home district. Biden apparently takes for granted the idea that a representative’s home district is just a place where the suckers live who send the rep to his or her real home in Washington, the land of grift and graft.

That wasn’t enough for one Biden speech. Later on, the ostensible president and new Dear Leader announced: “We’re not just here for today. I’m determined that we’re going to leave nothing behind. We’re going to get it done for you. That’s why I’m here, why your Congress are here, why the governor is here.” Yeah, Joe, many Americans understand very well that when congressmen and governors and presidents come around, they leave nothing behind. The IRS reminds us all of that every year. But it was particularly clumsy of Old Joe’s handlers to bundle him off to a place that has just been destroyed by a tornado and have him vow to “leave nothing behind.” Joe, didn’t the tornado do enough?

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Besides inadvertently (we hope) threatening more devastation, Biden was, of course, full of promises. He declared: “We’re focused on — now on making sure you’ve got the place to sleep, food to eat, helping you rebuild your lives in Rolling Stone.” The hapless transcript minions couldn’t cover up that one; they contented themselves with adding “Fork” in brackets after Joe’s “Rolling Stone” bit.

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Biden is, of course, an old hippie from the Sixties, so it’s understandable that when he hears the name “Rolling Fork” it would become, in his dementia-befogged mind, a place where he was likely tempted to go up to the microphone and sneer “How does it feeeeel?,” or affect a Mick Jagger swagger, or make some reference to Jann Wenner. He might even have mentioned the blues great Muddy Waters, whose song “Rollin’ Stone” gave the British band its name and likely inspired Bob Dylan’s song as well. Muddy Waters actually hailed from near Rolling Fork, but Old Joe didn’t give us any hint of what complex of bizarre half-recalled Sixties memories led him to get the town’s name wrong.

“The town of Rolling Stone will be back,” Biden insisted, and we’ll be with you every step of the way,” and then someone in the crowd called out “Rolling Fork.” Biden replied: “And I, wha — did I — what did I say, I didn’ — I said Rolling Fork. Rolling Stone. I got my mind going here.” Actually, from the looks of things, the one thing we can be sure of is that Biden’s mind wasn’t going. But what else is new? Biden has been pretending to be president of the United States for twenty-six months now, and his obvious incapacity has clearly been no impediment to the advance of authoritarianism and socialism in the U.S. How does it feel? Not that good, really.