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1 Apr 2023
Kevin Downey Jr.

NextImg:Lefty News & Social Media: the One-Two Punch of Liberal American Ignorance

I tip my MAGA cap to the Soviets who came up with the four-point plan to take over our nation without so much as chambering a round in the AK-47s.

They knew conventional warfare would never lead to a Soviet flag flying over the Capitol, so they put their pinko minds together and came up with an evil scheme that is, sadly, almost complete, thanks to the Chinese commies and globalists who took over the Soviet program. The real genius behind the subterfuge is that most people won’t can’t even see it happening.

None of this plan could succeed if it wasn’t for America’s Pravda press spewing a steady firehose blast of deception. Jackpudding “journalists” pump out a steady flow of blatherskite to keep their minions angry, scared, and — more and more frequently — violent. They, in turn, share the lies far and wide on social media, and the lie becomes the truth.

 FACT-O-RAMA! Chief Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels is rumored to have said “repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.”

The news industry is — in my opinion — largely responsible for the dumbing down of the United States. But bogus info can’t be taken seriously unless a population has been brainwashed to accept it, and the communists have been propagandizing liberals for decades. This starts in the schools.

Don’t believe me? Ask former Soviet propaganda specialist — and defector — Yuri Bezmenov. He explains how Marxism is successfully being pushed through the schools — this was back in roughly 1984, so imagine how bad it has gotten by now — and how those who have been indoctrinated can’t recognize the truth until there is a commie boot in their non-binary crotcholas.

As a former New York City liberal, I can attest to the strength of the cult-like progressive mind-warping. It requires several steps:

Check out this list of debunked, left-wing conspiracy theories. Legacy leftists — by now completely lacking the ability to think critically — ate them all up. Many still believe the flapdoodle. The scariest part is that leftists will continue to obeisantly believe those who have lied to them so many times. Imagine how deeply brainwashed one must be to keep drinking the Marxist kool-aid.

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FACT-O-RAMA! A trans woman with a history of mental health issues murdered six Christians, three of them only nine years old, and yet the lefty media clowns hit the streets and made the killer of kids a victim. CBS news refused to report that the shooter was transgender. White House press clown Karine Jean-Pierre declared, “Our hearts go out to the trans community, as they are under attack right now.” Really? If we are keeping a Trans-Christan murder score I’d say the trans wackos are up 6-0, yet, from the highest levels of government — and business — the narrative is that the trans community is under attack.

The trans community is the perfect valve for instigating civil unrest and violence. They love nothing more than attention and victimhood. The leftists believe the Christians are out to “eradicate” them because of the twisting of one poorly worded statement from one conservative. This nonsense alone is — to the so-called “progressives” — reason enough to kill.

PINKO-RAMA! Communism comes disguised as a virtue. We are told we should give up our guns to stop school shootings. We are told we should let criminals walk free because of phantom “systemic racism.” We should let school libraries offer porn to kids so that children as young as nine years old can decide which gender — if any — they belong to.

You can find hundreds of left-wing news articles claiming the GOP has “anti-transgender” bills in states’ congresses across the country. They are actually bills opposing “gender-changing” procedures — medicinal and surgical — on kids. Absolutely no one is writing a bill that is in any way “anti-transgender.” If I’m wrong, please post it in the comments. The left knows trans people can’t reproduce more trans people so recruiting kids — by sexualizing them — is their only option. And don’t even get me started on the left’s vile attempt to normalize pedophilia by referring to pederasts as “MAPs” (minor-attracted persons).

GROOM-O-RAMA! If I as a comedian were to give a teen a lap dance in the form of “entertainment,” the child’s father would understandably knock me out and I would then go to jail. How are we allowing drag queens to get away with this?

The trans crowd — already suffering a mental malady that drives them to carve up their body parts — believes they are being “genocided” despite no evidence pointing that way. Yet they organized a “day of trans vengeance.” The truth is,  in the U.S., trans people walk on water.

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OPINION-O-RAMA! Transgender people — afflicted with a mental illness called gender dysphoria — according to Dr. Paul R. McHugh, former psychiatrist-in-chief and current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital, suffer a suicide attempt rate of 40%. Yet, leftists, rather than seeking help for the trans crowd, overwhelmingly support them in their condition, despite the fact that it will take 40% of them to suicide. This strikes me as cruel. It’s like encouraging a schizophrenic friend rather than taking him to a doctor. 

Meanwhile, as the left cries victim, what is our federal government up to? Reaping the profits of their lies:

We have learned that the communists are — quite successfully — integrating many of their 45 goals of communism to take over our nation.

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Sadly, a portion of the nation — many of them duped into believing conservatives are an existential threat, thanks to fact-free “journalism” — have become radicalized and violent.

Marxist share lies on social media, like this fake list of school shootings. A few are real, but most are not. I looked into three of the many I had not heard of; one involved a cop who’d shot a kid who had stabbed him, one was a kid who’d accidentally shot his friend, and one involved two thugs fighting on high school grounds after school. A shot was fired, but no one was hit. When I pointed out that the list was bogus, I was blocked from the conversation. As noted, the left will deny facts that go against their indoctrination.

The far-left, aka, “useful idiots,” have been indoctrinated and weaponized against conservatives. Antifa sally-lads fight and burn with near impunity, as the federal government is working against you because of your patrioticviolent militia extremist” Betsy Ross flag.

As Chinese children learn how to handle weapons, our kids are being taught how to tip the drag queen who was straddling them moments earlier. College students are told which words they can and cannot use, (1st Amendment anyone?). Meanwhile, Twitter bolshies spin the truth to make conservatives the bad guys.

Who do we have to thank for all this?

Riffed from the Headlines

Townhall Media

Lying, media miscreants, lefty politicians, and the lickspittles who share those lies on social media, all of whom are — whether they know it or not — doing the leg work for the communists trying to enslave the entire nation, not just you and me.

For a picture-perfect view of what victimization led to in the Soviet Union, please watch Jordan Peterson explain it in this terrifying almost-nine-minute video. As you watch, remember that, in the eyes of the left, you’re a kulak.

My hat is off to you, my fellow patriotic critical thinkers. Despite all the lies told about you, threats made to you, and violence against you, We the People have remained peaceful. We must do everything we can to keep it that way. But you can fight back easily. How so?

Click here to become a VIP member. Fight back. Keep news that reflects your patriotic values flowing. Don’t let the commies win because you couldn’t be bothered. You’re better than that, and you’ve proven it by not acting the way they do — like animals.

It’s bourbon o’clock. Hoist one with me and hold the line. We got this, I promise.