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PJ Media
PJ Media
3 Jun 2023
Ben Bartee

NextImg:Irish Government Wants to Spend €600 Million to Sacrifice 65,000 Cows for Climate Change

The “climate change” ideology increasingly takes on pseudo-religious aspects, demanding sacrifices from its adherents at its altar. God is dead in the West, after all, but He must be replaced with something as humans are inherently inclined to seek transcendence and meaning.

Via The Telegraph:

The collateral damage of net zero is now getting uncomfortably close to home. First Dutch farmers were threatened with compulsory purchases to satisfy EU emissions targets, fomenting a new revolt in the process. Now it’s Ireland’s turn, where the government is reportedly looking at plans to cull around 200,000 cows to meet its climate targets. The scheme would be a bit like voluntary redundancy, with farmers offered financial inducements to give up their cows.

British beef and dairy farmers are now very jittery. It seems increasingly clear that there is an eco-modernist agenda to do away with conventional meat altogether. It’s not just the Extinction Rebellion mob, either; many of the world’s politicians are on board.

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As I’ll delve into shortly, that the world’s politicians are on board is an understatement. Destroying the livestock industry is one of the main objectives of the global technocrats that, as Klaus Schwab openly brags, have “penetrated the cabinets” of nearly every major government worldwide.

Meanwhile, Irish farmers apparently suffer from the delusion that they can talk sense into the government — as if it’s genuinely responsive to its constituents.

Via The Irish Times:

Any plan to cull Ireland’s dairy herd must be voluntary, the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association has warned.

Pat McCormack told Newstalk Breakfast that “if there is to be a scheme, it needs to be a voluntary scheme. That’s absolutely critical because there’s no point in culling numbers from an individual who has borrowed on the back of a huge financial commitment on the back of achieving a certain target that’s taken from under him.

In the ultimate analysis, nothing about government mandates is voluntary. By one means or another, the carrot or the stick, they will attempt to reduce the Irish livestock numbers to zero.

This is a worldwide phenomenon, coming to a blue state near you. I have previously written about the Dutch Farmer Citizen Movement, which won a historic victory in the Parliament earlier this year running essentially on the single issue of rolling back the technocrats’ plans to shut down their food production and ultimately replace them with a corporatized farming system raising bugs at scale, as the World Economic Forum has encouraged.

Last year, Sri Lanka’s economy was decimated by draconian fertilizer bans, plunging the country into political chaos.

Out of the chaos, a World Economic Forum member, Ranil Wickremesinghe, assumed power. The country was forced to look to the IMF for a bailout, putting its national infrastructure up as collateral, and austerity measures ensued.

Funny how that works. They never let a good crisis go to waste.

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