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PJ Media
29 Apr 2023
Robert Spencer

NextImg:If Tucker Carlson Was Really Axed for This Reason, Here's His Perfect Replacement

Tucker Carlson’s show was yanked off the air Monday, and five days later, the reasons why are still murky. Asked to explain why the network parted ways with its top host, a Fox spokeswoman said: “I’m not going beyond the release” announcing the separation, and that was that. The far-Left propaganda organ Vanity Fair, however, has a new theory: Fox axed Tucker’s show because his speech at a Heritage Foundation event last Friday was too openly religious for Rupert Murdoch.

Now this sort of thing has to be taken with a large grain of salt, considering the fact that the source is so hostile to Carlson, Fox, and every individual and organization that opposes the hard-Left machine. Still, Vanity Fair makes some compelling points. Many have suggested that Fox offloaded Carlson because of the Dominion lawsuit, which saw the network paying a $787.5 million settlement. However, Vanity Fair points out that “Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo hyped Dominion conspiracies far more than Carlson did, and yet she remains on the air.” So that’s not likely to be it.

Then there are the ridiculous claims by a Fox producer who never actually met Carlson that he created a “toxic and misogynist workplace environment.” Here, however, Vanity Fair notes that “Fox hosts sued for sexual harassment in the past were fired publicly for cause, but Carlson wasn’t.” So that’s even less likely to be the reason why Fox decided to shoot itself in the foot so spectacularly.

Vanity Fair then continues: “A new theory has emerged. According to the source, Fox Corp. chair Rupert Murdoch removed Carlson over remarks Carlson made during a speech at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th Anniversary gala on Friday night.” What did Carlson say that was so bad? Did he suggest that a 92-year-old dating around and getting engaged, and then calling off the engagement after two weeks, is just kind of creepy? Did he criticize Fox’s slow but steady drift to the Left? Did he start praising Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Megyn Kelly?

It was none of that. Instead, Carlson “laced his speech with religious overtones that even Murdoch found too extreme, the source, who was briefed on Murdoch’s decision-making, said.” Religious overtones? Did he advocate snake handling? Stoning? Suicide bombing? No, Carlson “told the Heritage audience that national politics has become a Manichean battle between ‘good’ and ‘evil.’” Well, yeah. He “said that people advocating for transgender rights and DEI programs want to destroy America and they could not be persuaded with facts.” Uh, that seems patently obvious.

Carlson declared: “We should say that and stop engaging in these totally fraudulent debates… I’ve tried. That doesn’t work. I have concluded it might be worth taking just 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to say a prayer for the future, and I hope you will.” Vanity Fair’s source stated, “That stuff freaks Rupert out. He doesn’t like all the spiritual talk.”

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That may be it, although Carlson himself said that it would be “hard to prove.” If Murdoch really did object to Carlson’s call for prayer, however, then it’s clear who should be Carlson’s replacement on Fox. Ready?

Dylan Mulvaney.

It’s perfect, right? The nation’s favorite fake woman is everywhere these days, endorsing everything. In the face of the boycott of Bud Light after the beer giant made Mulvaney its spokestrans, Leftists are flocking to show their support for the young man as emblematic of their support for the entire woke agenda. So if expressions of faith make Rupert Murdoch uncomfortable, and if he and/or his sons want, as has been widely rumored, to move Fox away from patriotism and bring the network more in line with the Leftist media establishment, what better way to do this than by hiring the man who has become the veritable symbol of contemporary American Leftism?

As far back as Feb. 2022, Politico crowed that “Across the Conservative Political Action Conference this year, there were… grumbles among conservative activists that the cable channel was no longer speaking for them as it once did… Fox watchers warned that it risked alienating conservative true believers as it inched toward the center. Well, consider them alienated.”

So make it official, Fox! You want to signal to the world that you no longer stand for truth and accuracy in journalism but will reflect the Leftist hive mind as faithfully as CNN and MSNBC? Great! Let’s have Dylan Mulvaney Tonight starting this Monday! Why, your ratings will skyrocket! Just ask Anheuser-Busch!