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PJ Media
PJ Media
27 May 2023
Catherine Salgado

NextImg:Crisis of Stupidity: Kamala Bemoans ‘Climate Crisis’ to West Point Cadets

Vice President Kamala Harris took time off from avoiding her duties as border czar to give a speech to the graduating class at West Point Military Academy on Saturday. Amidst compliments to the military and an acknowledgment of the threat of China, Kamala also scare-mongered about the fake “climate crisis” and touted artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR). You can always count on Kamala to have her priorities straight.

Kamala’s speech was overall patriotic and pro-military — she even talked about the oath U.S. officers take to the Constitution. It rings hollow, however, from a Vice President whose administration is responsible for the horrendously catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal, and for making America weaker and less respected on the international stage. All her blathering about respecting the cadets, believing in a strong military, and wanting to stand strong against America’s enemies are merely empty words.

“We believe in you…God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America,” Kamala ended, but it’s meaningless in the face of the fact that the Biden-Harris administration forced dangerous COVID-19 vaccines and woke ideology on the military. West Point cadets were given mere hours to choose to take the COVID-19 vaccine or be kicked out of West Point.

The Biden-Harris administration cares far more about what skin color a cadet has, or whether he supports LGBTQ ideology than whether he is a competent and patriotic officer. Kamala even had the chutzpah to mention Afghanistan by saying that “our longest war” has ended, even though the Biden administration left Americans and Afghan allies stranded and at the mercy of the terrorist Taliban!

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Kamala Harris said, “In the Indo-Pacific, China is rapidly modernizing its military and threatening both the freedom of the seas and rules of international commerce.” True. Unfortunately, the Biden family has received millions from the Chinese. That’s not reassuring as the Chinese Communist Party becomes increasingly aggressive to America.

“At the same time, autocrats have become bolder,” Kamala continued, “the threat of terrorism persists, and an accelerating climate crisis continues to disrupt lives and livelihoods, all a threat to global stability and security.“ There is no climate crisis, let alone an accelerating climate crisis.

Climate alarmists have been wildly and consistently wrong for 50 years, and recent data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) — confirmed by NASA satellite data — provided evidence that there has not been any global warming for the past eight years. Furthermore, evidence showed that major hurricanes dropped to a near-record low in 2022. So Kamala is full of balderdash. Also, if she really cared about terrorism, maybe she and Biden should stop funding the Palestinians’ terrorist-supporting government.

Harris went on to refer to terrorism and the climate as “challenges,” saying, “In the face of all these challenges, America plays a singular role of leadership. Cadets, global security and global prosperity depend on the leadership of the United States of America.” Too bad America’s current leadership, including Kamala, is doing everything but their jobs.

But Kamala Harris, as the Biden administration’s AI czar (because she was so successful with the border!), couldn’t resist enthusing about technologies that many experts are warning constitute serious risks, especially when developed and implemented too quickly. “You [cadets] will enable rapid adoption of new technology into every aspect of war-fighting,” Kamala grinned happily. “Which might mean using AI to predict the movements of our adversaries…or virtual reality to train our soldiers on new weapons systems… I know you will make sure that as the character of warfare changes, no nation will match the power of America’s military, on traditional battlefields or in future domains.”

Such tech could indeed be useful for the U.S. military. But we know the Biden administration has weaponized tech against Americans and their free speech. How can we trust that similar abuses of AI and VR won’t occur in a military controlled by the Biden-Harris administration?

Ultimately, Kamala Harris told the graduating cadets that the military defends “our most sacred ideals: freedom, democracy, and rule of law.” This from part of an administration that has blatantly violated the rights of the Jan. 6 political prisoners and that is still trying to figure out how to confiscate guns or heavily restrict gun ownership despite the Second Amendment. My point is that the U.S. military does defend freedom, but the Biden-Harris administration doesn’t.

And that’s why I found Kamala Harris’s speech at West Point offensive. Not because everything she said was a lie like her climate crisis fear-mongering, not because she didn’t deliver some reasonably good and patriotic lines, but because her whole speech was hypocritical and insincere. Our U.S. military heroes, from West Point and beyond, don’t need mere verbal praise from our Vice President. They need strong, pro-America leadership. And that is the opposite of what the military gets from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.