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PJ Media
22 Apr 2023
Ben Bartee

NextImg:BBC Climate Propaganda Teaches Gen Z How to Indoctrinate Their Parents

To commemorate Earth Day, British state media outlet BBC published a how-to guide for members of Gen Z to indoctrinate their holdout parents into the climate change cult.

In an article called “Earth Day: How to talk to your parents about climate change,” BBC said:

You want to go vegan to help the planet, but you’re not paying for the shopping. You think trains are better than planes, but your dad books the summer holiday.

Young people are some of the world’s most powerful climate leaders and want rapid action to tackle the problem…

For this year’s Earth Day, we spoke to people who have successfully had tricky climate chats at home. Here are their top tips.

First up, BBC rolls out its predictable anti-meat propaganda:

Eating less meat is one of the best ways to reduce our impact on the planet, say scientists.

Ilse, 17, lives in Brighton with her parents Antonia and Sally. They used to eat meat two or even three times a day. When Ilse was 13 she decided to do more about climate change and read that cutting out meat was a good start.

Sally and Antonia were sceptical at first, worried about not getting enough protein or that Ilse was too young to make that decision.

Antonia and Sally will be eating zhe WEF bugs in no time!

Let’s take this probably-fabricated story at face value for a moment. Imagine being so weak-minded that you would allow your ignorant 13-year-old to convince you to go vegan by regurgitating the stale propaganda she absorbed in public school, as she was trained to do.

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The propaganda manual then moves on to the evil of travel:

How we travel is a major source of carbon emissions, but switching from driving or flying can potentially limit family holidays and cost more.

Phoebe L Hanson, a 21-year-old student from Stafford, persuaded her family to go to Cornwall instead of flying abroad. Facts are important but she advises focussing on the reasons why you care.

“Say something like, ‘I’m really scared about my future, these are the reasons I want to do something’,” she suggests. Her mum Tracy explains that as Phoebe got older, their relationship changed from Tracy explaining facts to her to meeting in the middle to share knowledge.

As has been exhaustively documented elsewhere, the WEF technocrats that meet at cushy Swiss retreats every year are all permitted to fly their private jets on their way to their villas for a nice weekend of plotting world domination, but the peasants aren’t permitted to fly public because of climate change.

Of course, the BBC would never in a million years publish an article criticizing their overlords at the WEF, even on pain of death.