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PJ Media
6 Jan 2024
Grayson Bakich

NextImg:Anarcho-Tyranny, Perfected

Former President Donald Trump has embraced the slogan "they are after you, I am just in the way" as part of his reelection campaign. And we are seeing how they intend to get him out of the way, which is by keeping him out of the White House this election.

So what if they do get him out of the way, and they come after us?

It will not look like concentration camps, mass executions, or systemic silencing of Trump-supporting conservatives and non-Trump-supporting conservatives. Those cannot easily be covered up, especially in the digital age. China and North Korea may be doing their darndest to clamp down on their citizens, but even then we still hear rumors about what they are doing.

Then what?

This is what they will do:


At least, nothing we are not seeing already, just perfected.

You have likely heard the phrase "anarcho-tyranny," originally coined by Sam Francis thirty years ago. He put it best when he described it as:

Essentially a kind of Hegelian synthesis of what appear to be dialectical opposites: the combination of oppressive government power against the innocent and the law-abiding and, simultaneously, a grotesque paralysis of the ability or the will to use that power to carry out basic public duties such as protection or public safety. And, it is characteristic of anarcho-tyranny that it not only fails to punish criminals and enforce legitimate order but also criminalizes the innocent.

Just today on the left's new favorite holiday, Washington, D.C. attorney Matthew Graves announced the scope of the DOJ's persecution of people present on January 6th will expand to everybody who was at the Capitol but did not enter (provided here by ALX on TwitterX), right as the FBI arrested three other participants.

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If you browse Twitter/X, you will see Democrats shamelessly crowing about how scary that day was and how we need to protect "our democracy," and people swallow it up. Others gleefully say Ashli Babbitt deserved to be killed (even stealing the meme about George Floyd) and that it was a shame she was the only one.

Who needs a salaried, uniformed, professional secret police when random people ginned up on regime rhetoric demonizing political opposition will do it for free, as this attitude suggests? Might I remind you that just the other day a campaign speech and ad both called Trump supporters extremists, if not enemies of the country?

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We have already seen a casualty of this rhetoric when Cayler Ellingson was murdered in 2022 by Shannon Brandt, who said Ellingson was a "Republican extremist." Brandt has only been given five years.

On top of that, Antifa, Jane's Revenge, and other leftist terrorists are either allowed to run free or get slaps on the wrist, as the George Floyd riots of 2020 and the crisis pregnancy center fire bombings since the overturning of Roe v. Wade demonstrate, not to mention the countless fights and beatings Antifa has dished out to those they deem "fascists."

Of course, what about social media? Surely if they had their way, they would go after and silence everybody who criticizes the regime or who doesn't parrot the approved narrative about January 6th, right?

Not too blatantly, anyway.

That's what cancel culture is for.

"But wait, what about the schemes of the World Economic Forum to make us live in pods, eat bugs, and own nothing?" you may ask. That goal could very well be on the table, but the stated objective to enslave us by 2030 might just be a means of provoking outrage. If people object too loudly? Just keep on saying they are conspiracy theorists.

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In essence, the good thing about anarcho-tyranny for power-mad psychopaths is that you need to do very little on your own part to oppress the populace. But patience is required because, by its own logic, dissidents cannot be purged, just whittled away.