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PJ Media
PJ Media
11 Feb 2023
Catherine Salgado

NextImg:‘Radicals’: Ted Cruz Slams Senate Judiciary for Advancing 24 Biden Judge Nominees

“Stand up and say ‘no’ to these radicals.” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) slammed the Senate Judiciary Committee after the latter advanced 24 of Biden’s federal judgeship nominees Thursday.

Cruz highlighted how radical some of the nominees are in a statement to The Daily Signal. “The Biden Administration is attempting to cram through all their most partisan, controversial nominees at once—the proverbial ‘worst of the worst’—to shield them from focused public scrutiny,” Cruz said. “These people have no business being near the federal bench, let alone having life tenure.”

The Texas senator continued, “Instead of the White House sending experienced, apolitical lawyers and jurists, they instead send extremists like Nancy Abudu, Julie Rikelman, Kenly Kato, Natasha Merle, Dale Ho, and Nusrat Choudhury.” Cruz then appealed to Senate Democrats. “I ask that at least one Senate Democrat have the courage to stand up and say ‘no’ to these radicals, and demand centrist candidates from the White House, however that is likely asking too much from the modern Democrat Party.”

The Daily Signal explained in more detail why the six judges Cruz called out are considered extreme. Nancy Abudu, appointed to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, serves as deputy legal director of the radically leftist and anti-conservative Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and once compared felons’ inability to vote to race-based slavery.  Julie Rikelman, appointed to the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, is senior litigation director for the pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights and argued on behalf of an abortion facility for the Dobbs case that ultimately overturned Roe v. Wade last year.

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Meanwhile, Kenly Kato, appointed to the Central District of California, refused to condemn Harvard’s reported anti-Asian admission standards and once wrote that supposed Asian-American neoconservatives internalize “the dialogue of oppressors.”

The Daily Signal said Natasha Merle, appointed to the Eastern District of New York, not only works for the leftist NAACP but once claimed Donald Trump’s border wall and voter ID laws were based in “white supremacy.” Dale Ho, appointed to the Southern District of New York, has argued in court to count illegals in the population to apportion the House of Representatives and accused Republicans in 2020 of having an “anti-democratic virus.” Nusrat Choudhury, also appointed to the Eastern District of New York, once reportedly claimed police kill black Americans every day, a statement she later denied making despite previously justifying it.

Cruz is right — Biden’s radical leftist judges could do a vast amount of damage to the American justice system.

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