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PJ Media
21 Feb 2023
Matt Margolis

NextImg:Former Dem Senator Claims Trump Was 'Afraid' to Visit Afghanistan

Boy, it couldn’t be more clear that the left is hoping to leverage Biden’s visit to Ukraine to boost him politically — even at the expense of the truth.

On Monday, former Missouri Democrat senator Claire McCaskill claimed that, while Biden displayed “courage” by going to Kyiv, Ukraine, former President Donald Trump was “afraid” to go to Afghanistan.

“If you compare and contrast Donald Trump, Donald Trump was afraid to go to Afghanistan,” McCaskill claimed during an interview on Deadline: White House.

Unfortunately for McCaskill, she was wrong.

In fact, not only did Trump visit Afghanistan in November 2019 to serve Thanksgiving dinner to American troops deployed there, he visited troops in Iraq the previous year.

The facts didn’t get in the way of McCaskill using Biden’s Ukraine visit as justification for his reelection.

“Courage is a very important component of a re-elect for Joe Biden, because strength matters. And one of the things that Donald Trump has always done is projected false strength,” McCaskill claimed.

Of course, MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace didn’t correct the record and doubled down on the allegation that Trump was cowardly, pointing to when the Secret Service moved him to the White House bunker during the BLM riots in Washington, D.C. in May 2020 — riots that left 60 Secret Service agents injured.

Meanwhile, neither claimed that Joe Biden is too afraid to visit East Palestine, Ohio, where Trump is expected to visit Wednesday.

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