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NY Post
New York Post
1 Jul 2023

NextImg:Wrong way e-biker collides with e-skateboarder, sending him flying

Two worlds collided near Central Park when an e-bicyclist going the wrong way slammed into an e-skateboarder, launching him into the pavement in a scary caught on video collision.

Stan He, 25, of New Jersey, and a group of e-skaters were riding along Central Park West when the cyclist cut across the road into traffic.

“As I saw the cyclist, I attempted to swerve to my right, toward the curb, intentionally to allow the cyclist to blast straight forward,” said He. “Instead, the cyclist swerved to his left, into me.”

The cyclist fled the scene.

He was unscathed besides a bruised back, he said.

“I am very lucky to be okay,” he told The Post.

Stan He shared a video that captures him being thrown from his electric skateboard when an e-biker collided with him.
A dramatic video caught the moment an e-bicyclist slammed into a man riding an electric skateboard.
Instargram @18s.liquidsword

Another skater caught the dramatic crash on camera.

He is glad it has drawn attention to safety on the roads.

“Many other vehicles, such as cars and cyclists are inexperienced with [personal electric vehicle] riders and the speeds in which we travel at, and therefore, sometimes improperly gauge their own movements,” he said.