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NY Post
New York Post
17 Feb 2024

NextImg:Why NY Mets, Jets fans are SH!T out of luck on ‘69’ vanity plates: State DMV

The New York DMV is driving Mets and Jets fans crazy with their rules and regs regarding vanity plates.

Both teams — who have a mere three titles between them — won championships in the magical year of 1969.

But New York motorists looking to post their pride via custom plates such as METS69 and JETS69 are SH3T out of luck.

One individual requested Hodges69, an obvious tribute to the late, great Mets manager Gil Hodges. But the number 69 did not pass muster. New York Post

Any “69” plates will get 86’d, state DMV officials said.

That includes the individual who requested HODGES69 — a nod to the late, great 1969 Miracle Mets manager Gil Hodges.

“For consistency and transparency, we do not allow any combination involving the number 69,” DMV spokesman Tim O’Brien said.

Overall, state Department of Motor Vehicles rejected 3,027 requests for vanity license plates last year because it deemed them too political, vulgar or absurd.

Giants superfan Joe Ruback, aka “License Plate Guy,” has a number of vehicles tagged with vanity plates. This Corvette, tagged 13WHIP, was in tribute to former Big Blue wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

New York’s personalized plates go for $60 initially, and then $31.25 annually for renewal. You can get any plate as long as no one else has it and it’s not offensive.

Chances are a request for a plate that marks a birthday or anniversary will get greenlighted from the unidentified DMV decision makers.

METS 69 would be an Amazin’ vanity plate for the team’s diehards, but it’s not allowed according to state DMV regs. New York Post
The meaning of this vanity plate is a mystery, but it does not violate state DMV rules, which rejects any request they deem offensive or obscene. J.C. Rice

Plates with the phrase LFGM — the acronym for Pete Alonso’s familiar “Let’s F–king Go Mets” rallying cry — get swatted down annually.

Want to bash the Eagles or the Flyers or the 76ers? No can do.

FPHILLY got a thumbs down.

Giants superfan Joe Ruback of Rockland County, aka the “License Plate Guy,” knows first hand.

Joe Ruback even got custom tags to honor Giants Cinderella quarterback
Tommy “Tommy Cutlets” DeVito. Courtesy of Joe Ruback
The DMV rejected Ruback’s request for FPHILLY, but fulfilled the Giant fan’s ask for ELIHOF, in honor of two-time
Super Bowl champ Eli Manning. Courtesy of Joe Ruback

“I tried to get FPHILLY right after the Eagles won the Super Bowl [in 2018] and every six months after,” Ruback, 54, laughed. “Trust me, if it went through, I’d be rocking it,” he added.

“Once we deny a plate, we permanently reserve it in our system so it shows up as unavailable,” DMV’s O’Brien said.

The aptly nicknamed License Plate Guy currently has custom tags on multiple vehicles, including CUTLTS, for Giants Cinderella quarterback Tommy “Tommy Cutlets” DeVito; ELIHOF, for two-time Super Bowl champ Eli Manning and his Hall of Fame aspirations, and “the craziest” — H8DALAS — for his disdain for the Cowboys.