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2 Dec 2023

NextImg:Why Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles is the secret to her success: ‘It is because of you’

Just three days before “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé” hit theaters on Friday,” some social media trolls had the nerve to accuse the Queen of trying to look “white” at the movie’s Los Angeles premiere last weekend.

Some even went so far as to suggest that Bey — BEY! — was trying to look like Kim Kardashian.

Beyoncé would never lower herself to even respond to such trollery. She’s too busy expanding her empire — there was yet another “Renaissance” merch drop in tandem with the movie’s release, if you’re still not saving up your coins for the parfum — and taking care of home with three kids.

But you had best believe that her mother Tina Knowles was not going to let the “bozos” come for her daughter without giving them a whole word.

(And if she doesn’t scare these fools enough, I mean, have they ever heard of the Beyhive??)

After breaking down exactly why Beyoncé’s different look with platinum hair to match her silver gown was in keeping with the “Renaissance” theme — and black diva history going all the way back to Etta James — she then fiercely told them to have several seats.

Beyoncé credits her mother Tina Knowles with “always [being] able to get back to myself.” AP

“I am sick of you losers,” she wrote in an Instagram post that, thankfully, spoke for many of us.

“I know that she is going to be pissed at me for doing this, but I am fed up! This girl minds her own business. She helps people whenever she can. She lifts up & promotes black women and underdogs at all times.”

Mama Tina is a mama lion.

Even when it comes to a 42-year-old daughter with her own kids to worry about, she don’t play.

It was three generations of Knowles women when Beyoncé, her daughter Blue Ivy and her mother Tina Knowles attended the NBA All-Star Game in 2018. WireImage

But this is nothing new, which is a big reason why Beyoncé Knowles Carter has been able to avoid the pitfalls that trip up many a onetime teen pop star. (She was only 16 when Destiny’s Child released their self-titled debut 25 years ago.)

In one of the most touching moments of her new “Renaissance” film, Beyoncé gives her 69-year-old mom all the flowers, all the love, for all the world to see — in IMAX if you’re lucky.

“This is a really, really difficult industry, and people lose themselves,” Beyoncé tells her mother, who traveled the world with her daughter on her blockbuster “Renaissance” Tour. “And it’s so easy to get confused. And it’s so easy for you to get lost and just be so unhappy. And I’ve had moments where I just felt like it was too much. You know, it’s not like I haven’t been through it.

Tina Knowles and daughter walked the runway during their House of Dereon show during London Fashion Week in 2011. PA Images via Getty Images

“But I am always able to get back to myself because of you — and because of the profound woman that you are. It’s because of you. It is because of you.”

I’m not crying — you’re crying.

But there’s no doubt that Mama Tina deserves all of our love for preparing — and protecting Beyoncé — so that we could all witness her being the fierce Mutha that she is today.