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NY Post
24 Feb 2024

NextImg:Where was 'Mea Culpa' filmed? Discover the Chicago filming locations

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Mea Culpa

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Tyler Perry is keeping Netflix subscribers entertained this weekend with Mea Culpa, a new legal thriller movie that began streaming today.

Written and directed by Perry, the movie stars Kelly Rowland as Mea Harper, a criminal defense attorney who must defend her new client, Zyair Malloy (Moonlight star Trevante Rhodes) against murder charges. Zyair is an artist who’s been accused of murdering his girlfriend. But he totally didn’t do it! …Right?

Kelly Rowland—who also produced the movie—is about to find out, in this sexually-charged crime drama. Also starring Sean Sagar, Nick Sagar, RonReaco Lee, Shannon Thornton and Angela Robinson, Mea Culpa promises delicious drama and steamy love scenes.

This isn’t the first time Perry has veered from his comedy roots to helm a drama for Netflix. He also wrote and directed the 2020 thriller A Fall From Grace, starring Bresha Webb, and the 2022 romance, A Jazzman’s Blues. Now Perry is back at it with Mea Culpa, which is set in the bustling city of Chicago.

But where was Mea Culpa actually filmed? Read on to learn more about the Mea Culpa filming locations.

Mea Culpa Chicago filming loactions
Photo: Bob Mahoney/Perry Well Films 2/Courtesy of Netflix

Mea Culpa was mostly filmed on soundstage at Perry’s studio, Tyler Perry Studios, in Atlanta, Georgia. However, certain exterior shots were also filmed on location in Chicago, Illinois.

For the Chicago shoot, Mea Culpa filmed at River West, West Loop, West Town, and South Loop neighborhoods—on cross streets like Grand and Milwaukee, Cermak and Canalport, Huron and Halsted, and Lake and Franklin—according to a report from Screen Magazine.

Mea Culpa filming locations in Chicago
Photo: Bob Mahoney/Perry Well Films 2/Courtesy of Netflix

In an interview for the Mea Culpa press notes, Perry explained why he chose Chicago as the setting, saying, “I felt like Chicago was the right backdrop because the city is beautiful, it’s mysterious, it could be dangerous and sexy, and I think that it was also a character in the movie. It gives every kind of feeling that I needed to paint this picture and this tableau.”