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6 Jan 2024

NextImg:TikToker captures Alaska Airlines emergency landing after hole blows out mid-flight

A TikTok personality captured the horrifying moments when an Alaska Airlines flight was forced to turn around mid-flight after a section of the aircraft blew out.

“A part of the plane flew off not even 20 min into our flight??” the TikToker strawberry.vy – who boasts over 11,000 followers on the app – captioned the clip of passengers donning their oxygen masks shortly after taking off from Portland.

In the next clip, the TikToker zoomed in on what appeared to be a gaping hole in the plane’s side with a clear view of a nighttime city below.

“Flew back for an emergency landing,” she wrote over another snippet of the darkened cabin.

The poster and her friends then raced to catch another flight, which resulted in a second video.


Girls’ trip turned into emergency landing trip… #alaska #alaskaair

♬ original sound – vy ????

“How is everyone so calm,” one commenter asked.

“We had to…we also weren’t too far from our departure,” strawberr.vy replied.

The Ontario, California-bound plane carrying 177 passengers left Portland International Airport at 4:52 p.m. Friday, but returned less than 40 minutes later when it “experienced an incident,” the airline previously said.

A large hole was in the side of the plane. TikTok/@strawberr.vy

Passengers’ belongings were reportedly sucked out through the hole in the plane, while one small child had to be held down in his seat by his mother.

Photos obtained by KTPV showed a hole in the aircraft’s fuselage.

Although no one was injured, commenters on strawberr.vy’s posts wasted no time imagining nightmare scenarios.

A scene from the TikTok video showed a darkened plane cabin with the hole in the side of the plane clearly visible during the landing.

Another clip showed the darkened cabin during the landing. Instagram/@strawberrvy via REUTE

“New fear unlocked – ‘DON’T lean against the window, kids,’” one viewer wrote.

“But imagine that door falling from the sky near you…” another chimed in.