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6 Jan 2024

NextImg:The one item nurses say every parent should have if their child is in need of first aid

Baby first aid course CPR Kids has revealed a useful tip about how to help children with a fear of blood.

In their most popular reel of 2023, the group of nurses showed the benefits of a red towel around the house, which blends the color of blood into the fabric and makes it more difficult to detect.

“They can help with the fear and anxiety some little (and big) ones get from seeing blood,” they wrote on Instagram.

They said this helps to make dealing with nose bleeds or cuts easier.

“If you or your little one don’t like the sight of blood or if your little one completely freaks out at even a drop, these are a necessity.”

One user found this useful, due to their son having chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP).

“We get regular nose bleeds and I had never thought of this!” she said.

CPR Kids was created by pediatric nurse Sarah Hunstead as a means of teaching parents how to treat their kids in the crucial minutes before an ambulance arrives in an emergency.

Her team regularly posts about various topics that affect parents and their young, with an active Instagram account and regular blog posts.

Their most popular post online last year was about the dangers of swinging your kids by their arms, and how it can result in ‘pulled elbow.’

Pulled elbow is when a kid’s lower arm can be pulled out of its elbow joint, which needs to be put back into place by a medical professional.

“We don’t want to be the fun police with this one – we promise!” they wrote. “You don’t have to stop the fun, just lift them by their armpits instead!”

Their most popular blog post discussed the cause of red or brown strings in a baby’s poo, which is very commonly just banana.

Hunstead mentioned getting this question many times during her period as a nurse, and the same question is asked often in her classes.

Other recent blog posts include topics such as skincare products, cold sores, car seat safety and the myths behind baby walkers.

“Not only are baby walkers dangerous from an injury risk perspective,” wrote Casey De Farria on the site’s blog, “but using a walker can delay independent walking.”