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NY Post
New York Post
6 Jan 2024

NextImg:‘Sloppy mix’ ahead for NYC as upstate, New England preps for foot of snow

It’s a wash!

New York City will likely not see enough snow this weekend to break its nearly 700-day snow drought, but neighbors to the north are bracing for the nor’easter set to hammer them with up to a foot of powder.

Flakes are expected to start falling in the city late in the day Saturday, but will turn to rain overnight and back to snow Sunday. Less than half an inch of accumulation is expected in the Metro area, according to the National Weather Service.

“I don’t think we’re going to get the 1 inch that would break the snow drought streak,” Fox Weather meteorologist Marissa Lautenbacher told The Post.

“New York and Philly are both right on that freezing line so we’re really only going to get that sloppy mix of precipitation — some flakes mixed in but it’s mainly going to be rain,” she said.

Winter storm warnings for parts of the Northeast are in effect as the first nor’easter of 2024 is forecast to drop heavy snow to some parts of the region, but mostly rain to the New York City area. FOX Weather

The city hasn’t seen snow since it got a measly .1 inches in March, and hasn’t gotten a full inch since February 2022.

Temperatures will stay in the high 30s in the Big Apple Saturday and Sunday.

A flood advisory is in effect until Sunday morning for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and southern Queens.

As of Jan. 6, the Big Apple hadn’t seen an inch of snow in 692 days. Central Park picked up 1.6 inches of snow in February 2022. CHAD RACHMAN

Long Island will see the same messy mix of rain and snow, but further north, the forecast is more serious. The nor’easter is expected bring heavy snow to other parts of the region, marking the first significant snowfall of the season for many.

The Catskills, Poconos and Albany could see 5-8 inches and areas near Poughkeepsie as well as Boston could see over 8 inches. Northern New Jersey is set to dig through 6 to 12 inches. Parts of Connecticut could see half a foot.

Winter Storm Warnings are in effect for about 45 million people across the mid-Atlantic, Northeast and New England, including the northern Interstate 95 corridor, due to heavy snow, strong wind and ice, Fox Weather reported.

Winter Storm Ember will deliver the first significant snow of the season to parts of the East this weekend. FOX Weather

“Pack your patience,” if you’re driving anywhere along the Northeast, warned Lautenbacher, especially those “out of practice” driving in winter weather. Driving conditions will be dangerous throughout the region and power outages and tree damage are likely as the heavy, wet snow falls.

Air travel delays can be expected, too, she said, and many major airlines have already issued travel warnings for those taking off over the weekend.

Heading into the work week, New Yorkers have more wet weather to look forward to — an even more powerful storm is set to bring more rain and snow to the east Tuesday and Wednesday.