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NY Post
New York Post
9 Sep 2023

NextImg:Sex stories the focus of new Midtown exhibit that says ‘f—k you’ to art world

Oral sex in a tree. Ticks in unmentionable places. Yearly texts commemorating a past threesome.

Raunchy sex-in-NYC tales like these are at the center of the “F—k Stories” exhibit at the Spring/Break Art Show in Midtown now showing through Sept. 11.

The 60 anonymous storytellers responded to ads posted throughout the city that said, “Call us to spill it all … your most raucous, your most bizarre … the dirty, and the strange.”

The responses were wild.

“It was my first day in New York,” one caller remembered. “I visited Times Square and a guy offered to sell me some weed. We went bar hopping and the next thing I know, we’re buying condoms at a deli.”

She went on to recount a crazy night of bloodied knees and lost debit cards.

The tales can be heard by picking up one of 10 phones in the simulated “call center” at the exhibit, located at 625 Madison Ave., a former Ralph Lauren space.

“F—k Stories” is the inaugural work from Yea Man Spa Global, a newly formed artist collective in NYC.
Devin Cronin, Patrick Bayly and Carlos Rodriguez of Yea Man Spa Global answer the phones in the exhibit.
Devin Cronin, Patrick Bayly, and Carlos Rodriguez of Yea Man Spa Global.
J.C. Rice

“It’s this weird call center you enter into, you pick up the phone and you’re hearing these crazy stories,” said curator Caroline Weinstock. “They could be horrible or they could be hilarious.”

Some are literally dirty — like one caller who accidentally laid a sleeping bag in a pile of “gnarly” animal feces and got it all over him when he packed up.

One woman was left feeling “defiled” after a night filled with naughty toys because her partner seemed more interested in his PlayStation.

Man and women in sexy attire in bed.
Over 60 callers phone in their most bizarre sex stories to be shared in an unconventional exhibit on this week in Midtown.
deagreez –

The installation is the inaugural work from Yea Man Spa Global, a group of artists that includes Weinstock and seven or eight others, depending on the day.

In a matter of weeks, the group, who met at the gallery O’Flaherty’s, set up the number, hung flyers, ran transcripts through a voice generator, uploaded them onto MP3 players, connected them to phones, and ordered “perfectly scummy” red office chairs from Craigslist.

“Everyone thinks it’s the stupidest thing but we’re going to f—king do it and shock people by doing it, you know, which I think is cool,” said Devin Cronin, 26, another member of the collective.

red office chairs in dingy office setting with red phones lined up.
The Yea Man Spa Global artist collective transformed a dingy office space into a wacky call center.
J.C. Rice
Red phone that plays 60 bizarre sex stories play on a loop in the "F--k Stories" exhibit. Post-it note next to it says pick up the phone! do it! do it!
Over 60 bizarre sex stories play on a loop on rigged phones in the “F—k Stories” exhibit.
J.C. Rice

“Our exhibit is like a ‘f—k you’ to the art world in a lot of ways,” she said.