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NY Post
New York Post
15 Apr 2023

NextImg:Rep. Jim Jordan predicts local GOP prosecutors will start hunting the Bidens

Republican district attorneys will “likely” seek to prosecute President Biden or his family to retaliate for what critics call Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s weaponized prosecution of former President Trump, Rep. Jim Jordan told The Post.

“One of my Republican colleagues has indicated that he has had some local DAs approach him and say he’s trying to do that,” Jordan said, alluding to Rep. James Comer’s (R-Kentucky) claim that he had been contacted by two county DAs asking for ways to “go after the Bidens.”

Jordan, an Ohio Republican and chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is gearing up for a marquee hearing in New York City Monday that will focus on victims criticizing Bragg for refusing to prosecute violent crime and efforts and to criminalize the right of self-defense.

“I didn’t want to see what happened in the Manhattan DA office but now that we’ve crossed that line, that’s where it’s likely to go,” Jordan said of local GOP prosecutors going president-hunting.

“Frankly you can’t blame people for doing it. I’m not saying I am supportive of that but I think that now has become the rules of the game.”

President Biden is currently being investigated by Comer’s House Oversight Committee over whether he violated any laws through exposure to his son Hunter’s shady overseas business dealings.

A marquee hearing in New York City Monday will focus on victims criticizing Bragg for refusing to prosecute violent crime.


Hunter Biden is also being probed by the same committee and is also under a years-long Department of Justice investigation directed by U.S. Attorney for Delaware David C. Weiss.

It’s unclear which prosecutors would take aim at the Bidens and what state charges could be brought.

Most of the family’s base of operations took place in deep blue Delaware where local prosecutors would be unlikely to launch any inquiry into a favored son.

Trump at a court hearing

Republican district attorneys might try to prosecute President Biden as payback for Donald Trump’s earlier appearance in court for a civil fraud case.
Getty Images

President Joe Biden stands with his son Hunter Biden, left.

Joe Biden and his son Hunter are facing probes and inquiries on multiple fronts.

“In Delaware, everyone is a Democrat, all the local prosecutors. It would have to be in the jurisdiction of a Republican prosecutor,” said Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, adding that he would be vigorously opposed to any partisan prosecution effort. “Two constitutional wrongs don’t make a constitutional right.”

Hunter did conduct business in other states, with potentially less sympathetic prosecutors.

The First Son was a regular in Miami where he met with potential business partners like Ye Jianming, the former boss of the Chinese energy company CEFC.

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While in Miami in February 2017, Ye gifted Hunter Biden an $80,000 diamond ring and promised him $10 million a year for “introductions alone.”

Nine days after Hunter’s meeting in Miami with Ye, $3 million was wired into an account for Robinson Walker LLC, controlled by Hunter’s business partner Rob Walker, according to the book “Laptop From Hell.

The Department of Justice probe into Hunter Biden is said to involve potential tax evasion and money laundering charges.

Hunter Biden was working worked with Ye to negotiate a deal for CEFC to invest $40 million in a natural gas project on Louisiana’s Monkey Island.

The location is in the state’s deep red Cameron Parish, which is currently represented by Tom Barrett, a self-described conservative Republican.

Jordan is focused on his looming showdown with Bragg.

“We’re trying to show how left-wing policies and soft-on-crime policies impact communities in such a negative way. The impact they have on families, the community itself, small business owners, on economic growth, and hear from people who have truly suffered,” Jordan said.

Among the witnesses will be Jose Alba, a former bodega owner who killed a violent intruder in self-defense in July 2022 and was promptly charged with murder and held at Rikers Island on $250,000 bail.

Jose Alba defending himself from a violent ex-con who tried to rob him
Jose Alba defending himself from a violent ex-con who tried to rob him

Bragg only abandoned the case after enormous public pressure.

“Facing that attack, he acted in self-defense, only to find himself arrested, and incarcerated. He was forced to endure the harsh conditions on Rikers Island as an innocent man, being held on charges that were ultimately dropped, but should not have been brought against him, to begin with,” Imran Ansari, an attorney for Alba, said.

Jordan also promised he was ready to go toe-to-toe with Bragg, who is suing the committee for attempting to investigate his office.

“We have a duty to do oversight, particularly when it’s impacting the race for president,” Jordan said. “Mr. Bragg has said that he thinks the House Judiciary Committee is interfering with his investigation, but it’s just the opposite. They are interfering with our investigation — our constitutional duties to do oversight.”

Both sides are preparing to meet for the first time to litigate the suit in Manhattan Federal Court on Wednesday.