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NY Post
New York Post
22 Apr 2023

NextImg:Poodle revived with Narcan after being found unconscious with owner 

Toodle the poodle is lucky to be alive after police found the tiny poodle unconscious on the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, next to her owner.

Both had allegedly overdosed on fentanyl. 

The SPCA’s Philadelphia facility shared that they received a call on Monday, April 17 from a local hospital, Blue Pearl Emergency Hospital, saying a dog was brought to them showing symptoms of an overdose. 

People had allegedly found the dog “alongside a person in Kensington,” according to a Twitter post by the Pennsylvania SPCA. While police took care of reviving the person, “Good Samaritans were charged with getting help for the dog,” the SPCA said.

Duran Singletary, the PSPCA Manager of Animal Care and Shelter Administration, said Toodles story is especially heartbreaking, but said that the response from good-hearted people is equally heartwarming. 

“Good Samaritans took him to Blue Pearl Emergency Animal Hospital,” Singletary told FOX 29 Philadelphia. “They provided him with Narcan, which immediately started to reverse the effects. We had a catheter in Toodles initially to help work all of the remaining substance out of his system. Since then, he’s made a phenomenal recovery.”

After veterinarians administrated Narcan through an IV, Toodles immediately began reviving. 


After vets administrated Narcan, Toodles immediately began reviving. 
Pennsylvania SPCA

After an investigation, officials said that Toodles’ previous owners claimed to “share drugs with the dog.” 

“It is unimaginable what would have happened if Toodles hadn’t been taken to a veterinarian.

But, thanks to the quick work of the Good Samaritans, and the lifesaving work of Blue Pearl, Toodles is alive today,” PSPCA officials said in a press release.

Toodles has since been turned over to the PSPCA and has been receiving ongoing care and treatment.

Over the last several days, he has made a full recovery with PSPCA workers commenting that he is the “sweetest pup around.”


People had allegedly found the dog “alongside a person in Kensington” in Philadelphia.
Pennsylvania SPCA

“Toodles could have died. He could have had lasting impacts from the drugs that he ingested. But, today he is safe, and he has a new future ahead of him,” the PSPCA added.

The shelter did not comment on the person’s condition.