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New York Post
30 Sep 2023

NextImg:Pink front door sparks viral reaction from Michigan postal worker

A pink front door has sparked a dramatic reaction from a local mail delivery person. 

Markie Mullins and her boyfriend Milo Birk live in Detroit, Michigan — and recently redid the front door of their home to something more “lively.”

Mullins is a 31-year-old astrologer who said she’s wanted to redo the door for some time.

The couple has been working on renovating the home for two years as part of a large project, as SWNS reported. 

Mullins, however, said she was shocked when a postal delivery person gave a compliment to the homeowners while dropping off their mail. 

“I was at work and noticed someone standing at the door longer than usual,” she said. 

“I checked the camera and saw [her].”

The new door elicited a strong reaction from the postal worker.
Markie Mullins / SWNS
Postal worker Benethia Williams reacts to the new, pink door.
Markie Mullins / SWNS

Mail worker Benethia Williams was caught on the doorbell camera saying, “I love this door — it’s a cute pink.”

Mullins posted the video on TikTok — where it now has over 70,000 views and 11,000 likes. 

Some users commented on their love for the door on the post. 

One user wrote, “That is a cute door.”

“I love her immediately,” another wrote. 

Mullins told SWNS that the neighborhood has suffered economic hardship lately — and that many other local residents are renovating their homes as well. 

“It really put a smile on my face because my neighborhood has been through a lot — everyone is working to build it back up,” she said.

Mullins said she and Birk went back and forth on their choice of color for the door. 

Markie Mullins and her boyfriend, Milo Birk, and their door before it was repainted.
Markie Mullins / SWNS

“I originally wanted pink, but my boyfriend wasn’t sure, so I suggested blue or green instead,” she said. 

After suggesting a soft red, Birk settled with the most pink-ish color that Mullins picked out. 

“He said it looks like a Barbie house,” she said. 

Fox News Digital reached out to Mullins for further comment.