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New York Post
25 Mar 2023

NextImg:Picture perfect puppy love  — French bulldogs most Instagrammable dogs

This bulldog breed is tres bien.

French bulldogs are the most photogenic dogs in the world, with 37.4 million Instagram posts featuring the #FrenchBulldog hashtag.


“I just think they’re so adorable and … have this weird, funny attitude,” said Shane Jordan, the owner of Izzy the Frenchie, who has 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

“Just watching her mannerisms throughout the day is just so funny.

“You set down a bone for her and she can’t go for it, she has to hop around and she does this little dance.”

The 6-year-old pup is an ambassador for the Plaza Hotel and is featured in its luxury art book, alongside Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the Beatles and Leonardo DiCaprio.


Jordan started the Instagram handle a couple of months after he got Izzy in 2017 to share photos with family, but when he posted a video of the little one taking a shower in the sink, it quickly went viral.

“We got up the the next day and it had went nuts … it was just everywhere,” he said. “The last time we checked, from all the different places that had shared it, we counted and it’s right under a billion likes.”

Father-and-son golden retrievers Chase and Chester have 423,000 Instagram followers.
Instagram @chasin_chester/

Golden retrievers were second in the new analysis by OurFitPets, tagged in more than 34.6 million posts on Instagram.


“They look like big teddy bears. They’re fluffy, they smile, but they’re also very sassy and give you a little bit of attitude, but in a very cute way,” said Agata S., mom to father-and-son golden retrievers Chase and Chester, who have 423,000 followers on Instagram.

She started the page, called @chasin_chester, in 2017 when she just had Chester. “There’s something about him that’s just extra,” she said.

“He’ll just steal your socks, but then flaunts them in front of you and trots past you.”

Chihuahuas came in third with 34.5 million posts and pugs landed in fourth, with 23.9 million. Bulldogs took fifth place with 23.1 million, followed by poodles in sixth with 22.3 million and Pomeranians in seventh with 21.2 million.


Dachshunds take eighth place with 19.4 million, Border Collies ninth, with 17.4 million and in the tenth spot are Shih Tzus with 16.4 million.

Pugs Chicken and Goose

Pugs Chicken and Goose can be found on their Instagram page @pugsathome.
Instagram @pugsathome

Staten Island native Frankie Colamarino owns two pugs, Chicken and Goose.

Pug parents send him photos and videos (for his Instagram page @pugs) and one of the most popular features a pug doting on his human baby sister, which was sent in from a mother in Berlin.

“They carry over well when it comes time for content,” he said. “They are very obedient when need be and they love the attention.”