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NY Post
New York Post
22 Apr 2023

NextImg:NYPD’s dirtiest ex-cop gets into police HQ, snaps social media pic

One of the most corrupt cops in NYC’s history brazenly walked into the NYPD’s lower Manhattan headquarters recently and commemorated the visit on social media.

Michael Dowd took a picture in the second-floor Shield Unit at One Police Plaza last week and posted the pic on Instagram on April 14.

“At @1policeplaza finally getting my exit photo,” Dowd wrote, “#NYPD #thesevenfive.”

The disgraced ex-cop, now 62, spent 12 years in prison for shaking down drug dealers, pilfering their wares, and then selling the narcotics while working in Brooklyn’s 75 Precinct in the late ’80s and early ’90s. His illegal activities were laid out in the 2014 documentary “The Seven Five.”

“I’m a funny guy,” Dowd told The Post. “I have a sense of humor. I was poking fun at myself. Had I done the right thing I would have been able to honorably take a pension.”

Dowd was there with a retired cop who needed a new identification card. He said the police officers at the department’s visitors center entrance didn’t think twice about letting him inside.

Dowd went through security at One Police Plaza recently and got inside, later posting photos of the return on Instagram.
Instagram @themikedowd
Former cop Michael Dowd inside police headquarters.
Former NYPD cop Michael Dowd spent a dozen years in prison on charges that he was shaking down drug dealers.
Instagram @themikedowd

“They didn’t ask,” Dowd said.

But the social media post drew fire.

“Since when do we let perps into 1PP,” one person posted.

Michael Dowd.

Michael Dowd spent 12 years behind bars.

“Mike they let you in the building? That is funny!” another wrote, with a laughing emoji.

A retired police officer who worked in the department at the same time as Dowd said the post “made my stomach turn.”

“It’s a bad look for the police department,” said the retired cop. “One of the most corrupt cops you’ve had taking pictures and making jokes. They should investigate who let him in there.”

NY Post cover about Dowd's crimes.

Dowd’s eventual arrest was a major NYPD scandal.

As a result of the Dowd visit, NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell ordered a review of the process by which retirees’ guests are granted access, a police source said.

Dowd, who boasted that he’s working on a TV series and a reality show, said he served his time and people should let go of the past.

“Everybody falls short of the glory of perfection and I have people calling me a perp?” he asked.

“I did my time. I paid my debt to society.”