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NY Post
New York Post
18 Nov 2023

NextImg:NY State Sen. Julia Salazar’s staff praised Hamas Oct 7 attacks against Israeli civilians: ‘By any means necessary’

Staffers for State Sen. Julia Salazar offered effusive praise for Hamas in the hours and days after the group’s Oct. 7 terror attack, which left at least 1,200 Israelis dead.

Hamas devastated two communities near the border with the Gaza Strip and slaughtered hundreds at a music festival, with reports of mass rape, beheaded children and babies found baked in ovens.

“By any means necessary,” Salazar’s Communications and Policy Director Sarah Campbell wrote on X the day of the massacre.

Sarah Campbell refused to condemn Hamas after the massacre.
X @srh_cmpbll
Sarah Campbell tweeted that she did not condemn Hamas.
State Sen. Julia Salazar’s Communications and Policy Director Sarah Campbell has openly praised Hamas on Twitter.

“After how many decades of a violent occupation does armed resistance become justified,” she wrote on Oct 12. “I don’t condemn Hamas, I condemn Israel. Who has reigned more terror: Hamas in the entirety of their existence, or Israel in just the last 30 days? Which group has massacred more civilians? Displaced millions? Bombed hospitals? Killed premature babies? Starved an entire people?”

Campbell’s X account is private, but The Post was able to obtain screenshots of the posts.

Salazar’s Chief of Staff, Isabel Anreus, “liked” an Oct. 7 post on X reading, “The stuff happening in Palestine really cheers me up.”

A tweet from Sarah Campbell on the day of the Hamas attack.
X @srh_cmpbll
State Sen. Julia Salazar has tried to tamp down on her side’s most extreme rhetoric.

While Salazar, a Democratic Socialist, has aligned herself with Hamas supporters and called for a ceasefire, she has tried to publicly tamp down on the left’s most extreme rhetoric.

“Some on the Left … wrongly minimize or willfully ignore Hamas militants’ horrific crimes against Israeli civilians,” she chided in an Op-Ed for Jacobin, a socialist magazine.

Both Campbell and Anreus told The Post that her tweets were personal opinions and did not reflect the views of Sen. Salazar.