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NY Post
New York Post
30 Sep 2023

NextImg:NJ’s ‘Miss Liberty’ loses home while battling cancer

She has a big heart and a thing for Big Blue. She’s looking to complete a “Hail Mary.”

Sondra Fortunato, aka “Miss Liberty,” who was once the unofficial cheerleader of the New York Giants, is fighting for her life — and to keep a roof over her head.

The blonde Jersey Shore fixture, a one-time Playboy playmate, has entertained scores of Jints fans over the past five decades but is now asking “anyone she’s ever made smile” for help.

Fortunato has been rocked by cancer in her left eye. She was diagnosed in January.

“My eye is really nasty looking — it looks like a baseball,” she told The Post, adding, “I can see, but it’s painful.”

Fortunato also has been battling Bell’s palsy since January, a condition that causes weakness on one side of the face. “I talk like Sylvester Stallone,” she joked.

And she will soon have to vacate her five-acre Toms River home of 30 years, which recently was sold at a sheriff’s auction. “My health went down and I’m trying to pay the bills,” she explained.

Fortunato made it her business to be at any big game or league draft.
Fortunato would also turn up at other sporting events — even a Jets game — in hopes of being the center of attention.

Fortunato has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover her growing medical and moving expenses.

“Not being able to work for years, she now relies solely on Social Security, which has fallen significantly short in covering her mounting medical bills and living expenses,” the campaign reads.

Fortunato, who asked the Post not to reveal her age, loves to discuss a heyday of being caught on camera on Monday Night Football and her myriad appearances at graduations, parades, and ballgames. She has had her picture taken with countless celebs, ranging from Bill Murray to Stallone to Hulk Hogan, who she claims wanted to marry her back in the day.

With the help of a friend, Fortunato has set up a GoFundMe to help cover mounting medical expenses.

“I like people who are local. He was living in Florida,” she noted.

Over 30 years, Fortunato became “the unofficial mascot of her favorite NFL team, delighting and annoying fans at Giants home games with her bodacious physique, rhinestone tiara and skimpy outfits that heat up the frigid stadium,” The Post reported in 1999.

In November 1999, she was turned away from a Giants game and told she could only re-enter the stadium if she was fully covered up.

In 1999, she was turned away from a game due to her racy attire.
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Surgery and radiation are in her future, but it doesn’t get her down.

“Do I have a choice? People are always doing something for me, I’m so blessed.”

But she refuses to hide from the spotlight — vowing to appear at the Toms River Halloween Parade later this month. “I’m going to go as Barbie. I’m going to get the sexiest outfit I can get,” she said.