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NY Post
New York Post
3 Jun 2023

NextImg:‘New York’s finest’ cop has fans begging to be locked up: ‘Stop and frisk’

It should be criminal to look this good.

A cheeky content creator claims he’s found New York’s “finest” police officer, recently posting a viral video on TikTok and Instagram.

Known as Trilo G, the DJ and radio personality featured the cop in a humorous social media clip for his 16,000 followers.

“Folks, when we say New York’s finest we mean New York’s finest,” he said, panning the camera to show off the unidentified officer.

The blushing cop giggles, thanking him for the kind compliment.

The New York cop is the apple of Trilo G’s eye.

Creator and cop smiling in video

In the comments section, viewers called her a “beauty” and threatened to “jay walk” just to be ticketed by her.

“Can you lock me up now?” he requested.

“Stop, we don’t do that,” the officer responded while laughing.

The Post has reached out to the creator for comment.

The brunette bombshell has viewers smitten, with commenters hoping for a “stop and frisk” and threatening to “jay walk” just to meet her.

“Shes a beauty,” gushed one person.

“I would’ve faked a heart attack right in front of her, fell on the ground and all,” quipped another.

“Injustice, World’s finest not just New York,” argued someone else.

Officer laughing at the man taking the video

He proudly crowned the officer “New York’s finest.”

But this lovely lawman has some competition — fellow female officers are vying for the “hottest cop” title.

A self-proclaimed Arizona “hot cop” has tongues wagging online — with viewers stunned she could fight crime, saying she’s too “pretty.”

And two officers in Colombia have set pulses racing, while one in Mexico has pedestrians begging to be handcuffed.

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