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22 Jul 2023

NextImg:My Hinge date was going so well — then he asked to pop my pimple

Their relationship hit a bump in the road, err, forehead.

An eligible bachelorette revealed that her Hinge match made an unusual request on their second date: He wanted to pop her pimple.

Rebeca Fomich, who goes by Beca Michie online, was taken aback and “humbled” when the unidentified man asked to extract the blemish on her forehead.

“I never use dating apps and if I do, I will maybe mindlessly scroll, but rarely will ever meet up with anyone,” the New York model, 20, told Jam Press, admitting that he was the first guy from Hinge she met in person.

The pair’s picturesque second meeting included breakfast and a walk through Central Park. She was surprised by how much she liked him.

The 20-year-old New Yorker said she didn’t take his request “personally.”

That feeling was quickly overshadowed by her sheer shock at his brazen request.

But the two got so “comfortable” with each other that she didn’t take the ask too personally, she said.

Her teary-eyed tale baffled her 376,000 TikTok followers, who couldn’t believe Fomich let the man pop the spot on her face.

In the June clip, which has attracted more than 9 million views, tears rolled down her cheeks as she detailed being “violently humbled.”

She recalled how the man stared into her eyes, making her believe she was getting a compliment, but then asked: “Can I pop this?”

Viewers were divided over the bizarre ordeal, with some calling him “marriage material” and others begging her not to see him again.

Rebeca Fomich in selfie with curly hair

Fomich recounted her bizarre experience in a viral TikTok.

Rebeca Fomich in selfie from bed

Viewers were divided over whether the man is a walking red flag or “marriage material.”

“Respectfully, this is a green flag,” wrote Dr. Sandra Lee, otherwise known as Dr. Pimple Popper.

“Keeper,” another user simply wrote.

“He’s THE one,” emphasized someone else.

“Bruhh what type of guys do you find,” chided one person.

“Please tell me you’re never talking/seeing him again,” pleaded another.

Fomich said she popped his pimples on their third date.

They went on a few more dates before calling it quits.

“He is a lovely human. We may remain friends, but at the end of the day, I think we mutually decided we weren’t really the people for each other,” she confessed.

Rebeca Fomich with a tear coming down her face in a TikTok

Fomich admitted that she let the man pop her forehead blemish.
Jam Press Vid/@becamichie

Rebeca Fomich on TikTok

She said she felt “embarrassed” that he saw her TikTok video.
Jam Press Vid/@becamichie

While she felt “embarrassed” that he saw her TikTok about him — “his friends had already sent them all in their group chats” — he did encourage her to “express myself freely.”

“I wish him so much positivity moving forward!” added Fomich, who is taking a break from dating apps for the time being.

She explained that she becomes “too easily invested in people” and would rather date for true love.

“Although nothing bad happened, I do not think I will be returning to dating apps anytime soon,” she said.

The young model and content creator previously made headlines for claiming a photographer told her she “wasn’t skinny enough” to work with Yves St. Laurent, despite her slender frame.