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NY Post
New York Post
2 Sep 2023

NextImg:MTA CEO Janno Lieber sued for $5M over injury claim outside posh NYC home

Please stand clear of the cracked sidewalk.

MTA chairman and CEO Janno Lieber was slapped with a $5 million lawsuit after a woman claimed she injured herself running on the sidewalk outside of his multimillion-dollar Brooklyn home.  

Lieber has been embroiled in a legal battle in Brooklyn Supreme Court since last August with neighbor Naomi Cohn, who says she tripped and fell outside Lieber’s two-story Marlborough Road abode in Victorian Flatbush, which Zillow valued at $2.1 million

On Oct. 22, 2021, Cohn, 64, was running when she stumbled over a “huge crack,” she told The Post.

The wounded attorney claimed she sustained severe pain and injuries — and that the “effects will be permanent,” according to court papers. 

“He didn’t seem to be that concerned about pedestrians,” Cohn quipped about the subway chief, adding that the sidewalk remained broken until just a few months ago.

Naomi Cohn said she tripped on a cracked sidewalk slab outside of Lieber’s home while running on the block.

In addition to suing the MTA honcho, Cohn is seeking damages from Lieber’s wife, Amy Glosser, 58, along with their next-door neighbor Carmencita Soriano, 76, due to the crack’s location in between the homes.  

In a response filed in court, a lawyer for Lieber and Glosser denied Cohn’s allegations.

Lieber’s neighbors, many still seething over the subway fare hike to $2.90 earlier this year, ripped the transit boss. 

“I’m not surprised that someone in bureaucracy can’t really value the other spaces that people use,” said Paul Nissenbaum, a 34 year-old museum administrator who has lived in the area for 7 years.

Lieber, the MTA, and a lawyer for Soriano declined to comment.