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NY Post
New York Post
22 Jul 2023

NextImg:Luxury NYC building bars dogs owners from using the front door with their pooches ‘so there’s no mess’

Pooches are giving this building paws.

A luxe Upper West Side apartment building that once banned pups from setting foot on its marble lobby floor now forces canines and their owners to use an entirely separate service entrance — and is tracking violators and threatening them with fines, a resident told The Post.

Deanna Bosselman said she walked her 17-pound mini Australian Shepherd, Etta Mae, in and out of the front door of the 54-story Hawthorn Park building on West 62nd Street every day for months before a doorman suddenly told her she was breaking the rules.

“I was told that the doormen were supposed to write down any tenant in a log book, if you walked in and out the front door, and they have to report it to the legal department,” said Bosselman, 56, a nonprofit fundraiser. “Before, it was you have to carry your dog in and out, now you can’t even go in and out the front door.”

Pooch owners are expected to use the sole service elevator to get their pups out for fresh air, and must enter and exit through the service door on Amsterdam Avenue even on days the designated lift is full of trash being carted out or people moving in or out, she said.

Deanna Viars Bosselman adopted her dog Etta Mae during the pandemic.
Courtesy of Deanna Viars Bosselman

Bosselman first lived in Hawthorn Park in 2014 but left during the pandemic, adopting Etta Mae before she returned last year.

A Hawthorn Park doorman told The Post the policy is a bid to keep the lobby tidy.

“Dogs can’t walk through the main entrance because we want to keep it clean,” he said, noting canines can come near the lobby as long as their owners pick them up “so there’s no mess.”

The Post saw at least two dog owners stroll out of the front door, pups in hand, without being stopped.

Hawthorn Park

A two-bedroom, two-bath apartment in the West 62nd Street building rents for roughly $10,000 a month.
J.C. Rice

A resident the doorman identified as the building’s owner declined to comment, saying, “We aren’t going to answer those questions.”

Bosselman said no one told her how much the fine would be for violating the doggone rules, which she believes were sparked by whining non-pet owners.

“I’m not a tenant who complains. But this has upset me to the point that I am already looking for another place to live that is actually ‘pet friendly’ without all the ridiculous rules. I am a mindful dog owner and respect those who do not want to be around pets,” she said.

Glenwood Management, which runs the building, referred questions to a manager, who didn’t return a call.

Additional reporting by Sofia Barnett.