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New York Post
8 Apr 2023

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MTG’s protest flop

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, fresh from her embarrassing debut on “60 Minutes,” arrived in New York City on Tuesday with every intention of firing up a massive pro-Trump crowd (“Taking sides in the street,” April 5).

But much to her chagrin, the gathering was small and she was soon drowned out by a larger group of anti-Trumpers.

Within 10 minutes of her opening remarks, she was forced off the stage.

Later, as former President Donald Trump was charged with 34 counts of criminal activity, Greene was heard comparing the disgraced ex-president to Nelson Mandela and even Jesus Christ.

With Easter Sunday virtually at hand, MTG was treading a fine line between hyperbole and heresy.

There should be a permanent ban on stupidity coming from the far right.

Of course, that’s about as likely to happen as a bipartisan agreement on comprehensive gun-control legislation.

Bob Ory


No AOC in Senate

I’m no fan of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand by any means, but the mere thought of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s outlandish behavior, disdain for the American way and glaring lack of intellectual acuity in our legislative branch’s upper chamber gives me chills (“AOC may be eyeing ‘higher’ power, Gilly,” April 4).

As if things weren’t already divisive and contentious enough in the Senate, introducing this mean-spirited socialist would immediately destroy whatever decorum currently remains and force other senators to sit for hours upon end, enduring her accusations, criticisms and vitriolic harangues.

No, I strongly suggest that our nation would be much better off if she remains in the House with a good number of the 434 other representatives serving as our freedom’s bulwark.

Vincent Ruggiero

Scottsdale, Ariz.

Kat’s GFA veto

Ron Kim is wrong to say Gov. Hochul caved to industry pressure in vetoing the Grieving Families Act, which would have radically expanded liability in New York (“Three years on, NY leaders STILL not held to account for deadly COVID nursing-home order,” March 30).

The city of New York, MTA and local government organizations called on Hochul to veto the bill to protect taxpayers from the onslaught of expensive lawsuits and insurance premiums.

OBGYNs warned it would undermine access to maternity and reproductive care.

Doctors and hospitals would have seen their professional liability insurance skyrocket by 40-45%.

And regular New Yorkers, already navigating historic inflation and an unstable economy, would have seen a spike in their auto insurance and homeowners insurance premiums.

The reality is, the only group that would have benefitted from the bill is Albany’s most powerful special interest — the trial lawyers.

Hochul should be praised for standing up to the profit-hungry lawyer lobby and protecting New York families from yet another cost hike.

Tom Stebbins, Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York


Best to injured cop

Another member of the NYPD is shot in the line of duty, this time after a pursuit that started with — of all things — an argument over a seat on a city bus (“Queens rookie cop takes bullet,” April 6).

Fortunately, the officer will recover from his injuries despite his assailant’s intentions.

Hopefully this cretin is apprehended swiftly and he can be charged accordingly.

As for the heroic officer, he will return to the job that he has selflessly performed with a new contract that is well-deserved yet long overdue.

Joe Schulok

The Bronx

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