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New York Post
1 Apr 2023

NextImg:Letters to the Editor — April 2, 2023

Attack on Citi Field

Our phony, woke Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, having nothing better to do in a city with so many huge problems, wants to change the name of Citi Field. (“Woke target Citi Field,” March 28).


He says Citi buys stock in fossil-fuel companies. What he is not telling us is that the materials that go into batteries for electric vehicles are mined in very poor countries, and workers get paid next to nothing in horrible and dangerous conditions.

Citi paid a lot for that name and should be allowed to invest its money as it sees fit, whether Williams likes it or not.

Kevin O’Leary

Kew Gardens


Student strain

Findings that “personal mental health reasons” and “emotional stress” were why so many students want to drop out from college may sound alarming, but the statistics cited do not offer the full explanation (“SOS on student ‘stress,’ ” March 24).

Anxiety and stress over social media, now more than ever, are already overwhelming for many in today’s younger generation, but when coupled with the grind of an education, the resultant stress might push some to consider quitting school.


The percentages cited, in excess of 30% of those polled, most likely would be much lower if today’s kids simply postponed social media until they were done with their schooling.

And even for those who seemingly can balance the two for now, they are in for a severe wake-up call once they enter the grind of a 40-hour workweek with no more three months off in the summer or multiple breaks throughout the year.

Robert Mruczek



Paroling a killer

The Parole Board has made another stomach-turning decision by voting to parole Edward Kindt, who raped and murdered 39-year-old Penny Brown on Mother’s Day, 1999 (“Parole for Mother’s Day killer,” March 28).

Kindt was 15 years of age when he committed this act of savagery. He is now 39, the same age Penny Brown was.

Kindt should rot away in prison forever.

The parole board has again shown contempt for murder victims and their families.

Penny Brown can never be paroled from the sentence of eternity imposed on her by this animal.

The Parole Board should be abolished immediately.


Gary Acerra

Staten Island

2nd Ave. debacle

Does the plan to turn the Second Avenue subway west at 125th Street make any sense (“Money pit,” March 27)?


The 1968 plan did: It brought the Second Avenue line into The Bronx, to the 180th Street junction between the White Plains Road and Dyre Avenue lines.

The idea was for it to follow the right-of-way of the long-deceased New York, Westchester and Boston railroad, and bring trains from Dyre Avenue to Midtown.

This would help eliminate the choke point at 149th Street and Concourse and speed up the whole Lexington Avenue system.

Is the current plan simply a follow-the-money matter?


Walt Johanson


Danger of Antifa

Andy Ngo personifies journalism (“Protest’s payin’ & suffering,” March 27).


He continues to bring the most destructive group in our society, Antifa, to life, while our Democrat politicians still deny the existence of this misnamed group — whose members go around with clubs and other weapons, while wearing masks to hide their identities.

Ngo’s writing sends chills down my spine.

This crew is well-organized, has the backing of politicians and legal groups and leaves pain in its wake.


Robert Fishman


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