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NY Post
New York Post
15 Apr 2023

NextImg:Letters to the Editor — April 16, 2023

Free to kill

Regarding “Two slays in 2 days,” (April 12), New York’s obscene no-bail “reforms” and the irresponsible judges who “enforce” them are directly responsible for two more murders in the city.


Messiah Nantwi was arrested in February 2021 for allegedly shooting at police and initially held without bail.

Over the prosecution’s objections, his bail was reduced to $300,000, which his family met by posting a $30,000 bond.

Last weekend, video shows that Nantwi allegedly shot and killed a man in a Harlem smoke shop after reportedly killing another on a Manhattan street.

No matter what Assemblyman Carl Heastie and Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins say, this is blood on their hands.


Marc E. Kasowitz


Shelter squabble

Thank you for once again reporting about the failed policies of the de Blasio administration that have been carried forward by Mayor Eric Adams (“Storm from the shelters,” April 9).


No residential New York City neighborhood should be inundated by homeless.

While “safe havens” can work on a smaller scale, it is an inappropriate model for New York City.

With the uptick in crime committed by homeless mentally ill, it’s not a good idea to place folks in a stimulating environment in what is a cultural and economic engine in the city.


This is not a NIMBY issue. It’s common sense.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of acres in the state where former state schools and hospitals were once situated.

Create a mini-community on these unused acres with social and health services available.

One can use renovated buildings, tiny houses, trailers or modular units for that purpose.

Please start thinking differently, or we will continue on this long, downward and dangerous road.

Laura Logue Rood


Stepmom horror


The evil stepmom who placed two children in a freezing garage was sentenced to 25 to life (“Rot, evil stepmom,” April 12).

One of the boys, an autistic 8-year-old, died.

How any human being could do that is just beyond understanding.

The judge remarked at the sentencing that it’s too bad there was no garage at the prison.


My prayers for the two boys.

Walter Murray

Clearwater, Fla.

Anti-pill push


Why does the fight against the anti-abortion crowd appear so difficult (“AOC to Joe: Just ignore abort-pill ruling,” April 9)?

Their argument as to when life begins — whether it’s after 15 weeks, 12 weeks or at conception — is based on faith rather than scientific fact.

Their claim that they are concerned with the right to life of the unborn raises the question: Where is their concern for the health and well-being of the already born?


The argument over the “abortion pill” proves that point.

The “pill” has been shown to be safe and effective for decades.

They are, in effect, attempting to impose their religious beliefs on other Americans.

Addressing each and every anti-abortion argument when raised is a waste of time and energy.


Irving Gelb

North Bergen, NJ

Stern’s turn

Howard Stern is a washed-up, leftist big-mouth (“Stern spanks Kid,” April 12).


It seems like during COVID, he transitioned from kind of an edgy guy to a typical, full-blown leftist and paranoid millionaire hypocrite.

He is insulated by his obscene wealth and is clueless about the decline of this country.

Raymond Fontana

Westbrook, Conn.

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