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16 Dec 2023

NextImg:Kyle Richards seemingly responds to alcoholism accusations: Don’t have to hit ‘rock bottom’ to quit

Kyle Richards doubled down on her claims that she didn’t quit drinking due to alcoholism.

“You can just ‘outgrow’ alcohol you know,” read an image the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star shared to her Instagram Story Saturday.

“You don’t have to be an ‘alcoholic’ or ‘hit rock bottom.’ You are allowed to just wake up & decide to carve out a different path, any time you like.”

It’s unclear whether viewers or people close to her have accused Richards of having a drinking problem.

However, her co-star Sutton Stracke pressed her about her decision to give up booze on the latest season of “RHOBH.”

Last month, Richards told Page Six’s Danny Murphy and Evan Real on our “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast at the Las Vegas BravoCon that she is “not an alcoholic” but rather gave up drinking for “fitness and health reasons.”

The Bravolebrity — who celebrated a year of no alcohol in July — told us at the time that her choice to put down the bottle came with a multitude of benefits.

Richards’ Instagram Story post emphasized that some people “just ‘outgrow alcohol.'”

“I’ve suffered from anxiety for my entire life,” she explained. “So to all of a sudden have my anxiety be so minimized at a time that it should be at its worst. I was really surprised by that. I don’t even take Lexapro anymore!”

Richards, who separated from estranged husband Mauricio Umansky in July, added that while she was going through a “really hard time,” she was remaining “really strong.”

“I stopped drinking and I’m just doing everything I can to be as strong as I can. And it’s working. So I’m grateful,” she said.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star celebrated a year of no alcohol in July. kylerichards18/Instagram

While Richards insists she is not struggling with any substance abuse disorder, the reality star’s sister Kim Richards has opened up about her alcoholism after she entered rehab in both 2011 and 2015.

“I love sobriety,” the former child star told “Entertainment Tonight” after being arrested over a “drunken rampage.”

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“I’ve always loved sobriety and relapsing was very hard for me. I really wanted to go to treatment because I needed a break from what I was going through at home.”

The reality star has previously gushed over how quitting alcohol helped decrease her anxiety. Kyle Richards/Instagram

In January, Kyle, 54, talked about her own sobriety journey following accusations that she had dropped weight due to the celebrity-loved drug Ozempic.

“After gaining weight during the summer — on July 15 — after getting off the boat I said ‘That is it. I’m not having any sugar, any carbs, any alcohol,’” she said on the “Two Ts In A Pod” podcast.

“A lot of people think I’ve been taking Ozempic. To clarify I’ve never taken Ozempic.”