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10 Jun 2023

NextImg:Julian Edelman tried on Jerry Rice’s Super Bowl rings while dating daughter

Julian Edelman already knew what it felt like to wear a Super Bowl ring before he won his own.

The former longtime Patriots receiver can thank his ex-girlfriend, and an NFL legend, for the experience.

Edelman, 37, detailed his experience dating 49ers icon and NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice’s daughter while in high school during an interview on “No Chill with Gilbert Arenas” recently, and made a confession about his visits to the Rice household.

“I’ll tell you one thing: When Jerry wasn’t there, I was putting on his Super Bowl rings and everything,” Edelman admitted.

Rice, considered by many as the greatest receiver ever and one of the greatest football players to ever live, won three Super Bowl titles with the 49ers before two shorter stints at the end of his career with the Raiders and Seahawks.

He still holds the record for most career receiving yards, receptions and touchdowns.

Julian Edelman dated Jerry Rice’s daughter while in high school.

Perhaps Edelman trying on Rice’s three Super Bowl rings was fitting, because he went on to win three Super Bowls of his own with the Patriots, the only team he played for.

Edelman took Rice’s daughter to prom during high school, and said that he was “terrified” of Rice at first.

“I remember the first time I came over and Jerry came out with his chain on — no shirt, six packed up — and just gave me a head nod,” Edelman said. “And that was like the last time we talked in like two years. It was scary.

“I was terrified. And I have a little girl now, so I understand, you know, so you kind of you get it. A little punk, little kid coming into the house thinking he’s dating a daughter and stuff.”

Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice shows off one of his three Super Bowl rings.
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Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman retired in 2021.
Getty Images

Edelman retired in 2021.

Despite his initial sentiment, Edelman had nothing but praise for the Rice family.

“The family was awesome. They were all cool, and still friends of this day,” Edelman said. “And then when I got to, you know, it was crazy, when I got to the league afterwards, we developed a relationship. It became cool. I still see him at the [Kentucky] Derby here and there. I see him out and about, and he’s been real cool as of late.”