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NY Post
Page Six
5 Aug 2023

NextImg:Jennifer Aniston denies supporting antisemitism after ‘liking’ Jamie Foxx’s post: ‘Makes me sick’

Jennifer Aniston is setting the record straight on why she “liked” Jamie Foxx’s controversial post about Jesus Christ, which many deemed to be “antisemitic.”

“This really makes me sick,” the “Friends” alum wrote via her Instagram Story Friday. “I did not ‘like’ this post on purpose or by accident.”

Aniston, 54, then further clarified, “And more importantly, I want to be clear to my friends and anyone hurt by this showing up in their feeds — I do NOT support any form of antisemitism.”

The “Murder Mystery” star concluded, “And I truly don’t tolerate HATE of any kind. Period.”

Page Six has reached out to Aniston’s reps for further comment about what the actress meant by saying she did not “like” the post on “purpose” or “by accident.”

We also asked if the “Horrible Bosses” star had any further response to the criticism, but did not hear back in time for publication.

“I do NOT support any form of antisemitism,” the actress wrote via her Instagram Story.
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Jennifer Aniston's response to backlash for "liking" Jamie Foxx's post.

Fans had conflicting views on Aniston’s response.

Aniston was forced to respond to backlash after screenshots of her “liking” Foxx’s post circulated online.

“Just once I’d like to log onto this site and not see antisemitism, especially from huge celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Aniston,” one person tweeted. “You don’t want to be an ally, fine, but leave us the heck alone!”

Another added, “Jennifer Aniston liking Jamie Foxx’s antisemitic post. She does know she rose to fame playing a JEWISH woman on a hit sitcom, right? Rachel Green was Jewish.”

Jamie Foxx in front of a plane.

Foxx was called “antisemitic” for a post he shared about Jesus on his Instagram.

Jamie Foxx's post about Jesus.

The since-deleted post read, “They killed this dude named Jesus … What do you think they’ll do to you?!”

The post Foxx shared on Instagram Friday that many perceived as spreading Jewish hate read, “They killed this dude named Jesus … What do you think they’ll do to you?! #fakefriends #fakelove.”

However, the Oscar winner took down the post a few hours later and has not addressed his critics since.

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Page Six has also reached out to Foxx’s reps for comment, but did not immediately hear back.

The “Django Unchained” star’s post comes after a string of celebrities in Hollywood have come under fire for antisemitic rhetoric.

Jamie Foxx.

Foxx has not yet responded to the backlash.

Kanye West, who is friends with Foxx and collaborated with the singer on hits like “Gold Digger and Slow Jamz,” went on a months-long rant in late 2022, in which he glorified Adolf Hitler and tweeted about going “death con 3” on Jewish people.

In April, “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant was slammed for using “The Rubensteins,” a primarily Jewish last name, as an example of the people who pay to go to Drake’s expensive concerts — further perpetuating stereotypes.

Earlier this year, Nick Cannon reflected on his past remarks about Jewish people — which he previously called “savages — saying, “That process was a growth moment for me.”